Accuenergy (Acuvim II) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
12288Frequency single
12290Phase voltage V1 single
12292Phase voltage V2 single
12294Phase voltage V3 single
12296Average voltage vavg single
12298Line voltage V12 single
12300Line voltage V23 single
12302Line voltage V31 single
12304Average line voltage vlavg single
12306Current I1 single
12308Current I2 single
12310Current I3 single
12312Average current iavg single
12314Neutral current in single
12316Phase A power pa single
12318Phase B power pb single
12320Phase C power pc single
12322System power psum single
12324Phase A reactive power qa single
12326Phase B reactive power qb single
12328Phase C reactive power qc single
12330System reactive power qsum single
12332Phase A apparent power sa single
208942Phase B apparent power sb single
12336Phase C apparent power sc single
12338System apparent power ssum single
12340Phase A power factor pfa single
12342Phase B power factor pfb single
12344Phase C power factor pfc single
12346System power factor pfsum single
16384Frequency single
16386Phase voltage V1 single
16388Phase voltage V2 single
16390Phase voltage V3 single
16392Average voltage vavg single
16394Line voltage V12 single
16396Line voltage V23 single
16398Line voltage V31 single
16400Average line voltage vlavg single
16402Current I1 single
16404Current I2 single
16406Current I3 single
16408Average current iavg single
16410Neutral current in single
16412Phase A power pa single
16414Phase B power pb single
16416Phase C power pc single
16418System power psum single
16420Phase A reactive power qa single
16422Phase B reactive power qb single
16424Phase C reactive power qc single
16426System reactive power qsum single
16428Phase A apparent power sa single
16430Phase B apparent power sb single
16432Phase C apparent power sc single
16434System apparent power ssum single
16436Phase A power factor pfa single
16438Phase B power factor pfb single
16440Phase C power factor pfc single
16442System power factor pfsum single
16444Voltage unbalance factor u_unbl single
16446Current unbalance factor i_unbl single
16448Load characteristic(l/c/ r) single
16450Power demand single
16452Reactive power demand single
16454Apparent power demand single
16456Energy imp dword
16458Energy exp dword
16460Reactive energy imp dword
16462Reactive energy exp dword
16464Energy total dword
16466Energy net dword
16468Reactive energy total dword
16470Reactive energy net dword
16472Apparent energy dword
17952Phase A energy imp dword
17954Phase A energy exp dword
17956Phase B energy imp dword
17958Phase B energy exp dword
17960Phase C energy imp dword
17962Phase C energy exp dword
17964Phase A reactive energy imp dword
17966Phase A reactive energy exp dword
17968Phase B reactive energy imp dword
17970Phase B reactive energy exp dword
17972Phase C reactive energy imp dword
17974Phase C reactive energy exp dword
17976Phase A apparent energy dword
17978Phase B apparent energy dword
17980Phase C apparent energy dword
16474Thd_v1 of v1(v12) word
16475Thd_v1 of v2(v31) word
16476Thd_v1 of v3(v23) word
16477Average thd_v word
16478Thd_i1 word
16479Thd_i2 word
16480Thd_i3 word
16481Average thd_i word
16482Harmonics of v1(v12) (the 2nd to 31st ) word
17664Harmonics of v1(v12) (the 32nd to 63rd ) word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Accuenergy (AcuRev 1300) data logging
Accuenergy (Acuvim II) data logging
Accuenergy (DV300,EV300) data logging

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