Crompton (Integra 1200) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Phase 2 line to neutral voltageVoltssingle
4Phase 3 line to neutral voltageVoltssingle
6Line 1 currentAmpssingle
8Line 2 currentAmpssingle
10Line 3 currentAmpssingle
12Phase 1 powerWattssingle
14Phase 2 powerWattssingle
16Phase 3 powerWattssingle
18Phase 1 VAVAsingle
20Phase 2 VAVAsingle
22Phase 3 VAVAsingle
24Phase 1 VArVArsingle
26Phase 2 VArVArsingle
28Phase 3 VArVArsingle
30Phase 1 power factorNonesingle
32Phase 2 power factorNonesingle
34Phase 3 power factorNonesingle
36Phase 1 phase angleDegreessingle
38Phase 2 phase angleDegreessingle
40Phase 3 phase angleDegreessingle
42Average line to neutral voltageVoltssingle
46Average line currentAmpssingle
48Sum of line currentsAmpssingle
52Sum of phase powersWattssingle
56Sum of phase VAsVAsingle
60Sum of phase VArsVArsingle
62Total system power factorNonesingle
66Total system phase angleDegreessingle
70System frequencyHzsingle
72Import watt hoursWatt Hourssingle
74Export watt hoursWatt Hourssingle
76Import VAr hoursVAr Hourssingle
78Export VAr hoursVAr Hourssingle
80VA hoursVA Hourssingle
82Current sum hoursA Hourssingle
84Import power sum demandWattssingle
86Maximum import power sum demandWattssingle
88Import active power demandWattsingle
90Import active power max demandWattsingle
92Export active power demandWattsingle
94Export active power max demandWattsingle
100VA sum demandVAsingle
102Maximum VA sum demandVAsingle
104Neutral current demandAmpssingle
106Maximum neutral current demandAmpssingle
108Total system reactive power demandVarsingle
110Maximum total system reactive power demandVarsingle
160Voltage phase sequence normal=1 reverse=2)Nonesingle
162Current phase sequence normal=1 reverse=2)Nonesingle
192Nature of the load resistive =1 inductive =2 capacitive =3)Nonesingle
194Nature of L1 load resistive=1 inductive=2 capacitive =3)Nonesingle
196Nature of L2 load (Resistive =1 inductive=2 capacitive =3)Nonesingle
198Nature of L3 load (Resistive =1 inductive=2 capacitive =3)Nonesingle
200Voltage line 1 to line 2Voltssingle
202Voltage line 2 to line 3Voltssingle
204Voltage line 3 to line 1Voltssingle
206Average line to line voltageVoltssingle
224Neutral currentAmpssingle
234Phase 1 line to neutral voltage THD%single
236Phase 2 line to neutral voltage THD%single
238Phase 3 line to neutral voltage THD%single
240Line 1 current THD%single
242Line 2 current THD%single
244Line 3 current THD%single
248Average line to neutral voltage THD%single
250Average line current THD%single
254Total system power factorNonesingle
258Line 1 current demandAmpssingle
260Line 2 current demandAmpssingle
262Line 3 current demandAmpssingle
264Maximum line 1 current demandAmpssingle
266Maximum line 2 current demandAmpssingle
268Maximum line 3 current demandAmpssingle
334Line 1 to line 2 volts THD%single
336Line 2 to line 3 volts THD%single
338Line 3 to line 1 volts THD%single
340Average line to line volts THD%single
342Total kwh (3)kWhsingle
344Total kvarh (3)kVarhsingle
346L1 import kwhkWhsingle
348L2 import kwhkWhsingle
350L3 import kWhkWhsingle
352L1 export kWhkWhsingle
354L2 export kwhkWhsingle
356L3 export kWhkWhsingle
358L1 total kwhkWhsingle
360L2 total kWhkWhsingle
362L3 total kwhkWhsingle
364L1 import kvarhkVarhsingle
366L2 import kvarhkVarhsingle
368L3 import kvarhkVarhsingle
370L1 export kvarhkVarhsingle
372L2 export kvarhkVarhsingle
374L3 export kvarhkVarhsingle
376L1 total kvarhkVarhsingle
378L2 total kvarhkVarhsingle
380L3 total kvarhkVarhsingle
526Voltage 2st~63st harmonic L2 (62 values)%single
650Voltage 2st~63st harmonic L3 (62 values)%single
774Current 2st~63st harmonic L1 (62 values)%single
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Crompton (Integra 1200) data logging

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