Eaton (IQ DP 4000) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
7222Peak demand forward wattsWsingle
7264Peak demand reverse wattsWsingle
7305Peak demand lagging varsVArsingle
7347Peak demand leading varsVArsingle
3000Status word
5014Peak demand laAsingle
5016Peak demand lbAsingle
5018Peak demand icAsingle
5250Demand laAsingle
5252Demand ibAsingle
5254Demand icAsingle
6006Real powerWsingle
6070Apparent powerVAsingle
6134Reactive powerVArsingle
6218Pf displacement single
6220Pf apparent single
7004Forward real energyWhsingle
7006Reverse real energyWhsingle
7008Net real energyWhsingle
7010Leading reactive energyVarhsingle
7012Lagging reactive energyVarhsingle
7014Net reactive energyreactive-hourssingle
7016Apparent energyhourssingle
7023Demand wattsWsingle
7220Demand forward wattsWsingle
7262Demand reverse wattsWsingle
7029Demand varsVA- reactivesingle
7303Demand lagging varsVA- reactivesingle
7345Demand leading varsreactivesingle
7035Demand vasVAsingle
7040Peak demand wattsWsingle
7045Peak demand varsVArsingle
7050Peak demand vasVAssingle
7628Total reactive energyreactive-hourssingle
7679Total real energyWhsingle
9436Percent thd la%single
9438Percent thd lb%single
9440Percent thd ic%single
8148Percent thd vab%single
8150Percent thd vbc%single
8152Percent thd vca%single
8154Percent thd van%single
8156Percent thd vbn%single
8158Percent thd vcn%single
9328Min percent thd la%single
9336Max percent thd la%single
9330Min percent thd lb%single
9338Max percent thd lb%single
9332Min percent thd ic%single
9340Max percent thd fc%single
9373Min percent thd vab%single
9385Max percent thd vab%single
9375Min percent thd vbc%single
9387Max percent thd vbc%single
9377Min percent thd vca%single
9389Max percent thd vca%single
9379Min percent thd van%single
9391Max percent thd van%single
9381Min percent thd vbn%single
9393Max percent thd vbn%single
9383Min percent thd vcn%single
9395Max percent thd vcn%single

Eaton (IQ DP 4000) data logging
Eaton (IQ100 series,IQ130,IQ140,IQ150) data logging
Eaton (Power Xpert Meter,PXM 1000) data logging

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