Eaton IQ250-IQ260 Power Meter logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1999Amps a, averageampssingle
2001Amps b, averageampssingle
2003Amps c, averageampssingle
2005Positive watts, 3-ph, averagewattssingle
2007Positive vars, 3-ph, averageVARssingle
2009Negative watts, 3-ph, averagewattssingle
2011Negative vars, 3-ph, averageVARssingle
2013Vas, 3-ph, averageVAssingle
2015Positive pf, 3-ph, averagenonesingle
2017Negative pf, 3-pf, averagenonesingle
2019Neutral current, averageampssingle
2021Positive watts, phase a, averagewattssingle
2023Positive watts, phase b, averagewattssingle
2025Positive watts, phase c, averagewattssingle
2027Positive vars, phase a, averageVARssingle
2029Positive vars, phase b, averageVARssingle
2031Positive vars, phase c, averageVARssingle
2033Negative watts, phase a, averagewattssingle
2035Negative watts, phase b, averagewattssingle
2037Negative watts, phase c, averagewattssingle
2039Negative vars, phase a, averageVARssingle
2041Negative vars, phase b, averageVARssingle
2043Negative vars, phase c, averageVARssingle
2045Vas, phase a, averageVAssingle
2047Vas, phase b, averageVAssingle
2049Vas, phase c, averageVAssingle
2051Positive pf, phase a, averagenonesingle
2053Positive pf, phase b, averagenonesingle
2055Positive pf, phase c, averagenonesingle
2057Negative pf, phase a, averagenonesingle
2059Negative pf, phase b, averagenonesingle
2061Negative pf, phase c, averagenonesingle
2999Watts, 3-ph totalwattssingle
3001Vars, 3-ph totalVARssingle
3003Vas, 3-ph totalVAssingle
3005Power factor, 3-ph totalnonesingle
3007Watts, phase awattssingle
3009Watts, phase bwattssingle
3011Watts, phase cwattssingle
3013Vars, phase aVARssingle
3017Vars, phase cVARssingle
3019Vas, phase aVAssingle
3021Vas, phase bVAssingle
3023Vas, phase cVAssingle
3025Power factor, phase anonesingle
3027Power factor, phase bnonesingle
3029Power factor, phase cnonesingle
3031W-hours, receivedWh per energy formatinteger
3033W-hours, deliveredWh per energy formatinteger
3035W-hours, netWh per energy formatinteger
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