Electrex (Flash D) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
200Phase to neutral voltage, thd%single
202Phase to neutral voltage, thd%single
204Phase to neutral voltage, thd%single
206Line current, thd%single
208Line current, thd%single
210Line current, thd%single
212Voltage input frequencyHzsingle
214Phase to neutral voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
216Phase to neutral voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
218Phase to neutral voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
220Phase to phase voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
222Phase to phase voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
224Phase to phase voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
226Line current, rms amplitudeAsingle
228Line current, rms amplitudeAsingle
230Line current, rms amplitudeAsingle
232Neutral current, rms amplitudeAsingle
234Phase active power (+/)Wsingle
236Phase active power (+/)Wsingle
238Phase active power (+/)Wsingle
240Phase reactive power (+/)varsingle
242Phase reactive power (+/)varsingle
244Phase reactive power (+/)varsingle
246Phase apparent powerVAsingle
248Phase apparent powerVAsingle
250Phase apparent powerVAsingle
252Phase power factor (+/) single
254Phase power factor (+/) single
256Phase power factor (+/) single
258Phase voltage, mean thd%single
260Line current, mean thd%single
262Phase to neutral mean voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
264Phase to phase mean voltage, rms amplitudeVsingle
266Three phase current, rms amplitudeAsingle
268Total active power (+/)Wsingle
270Total reactive power (+/)varsingle
272Total apparent powerVAsingle
274Total power factor (+/) single
276Total import active power, avgWsingle
278Total avgimportsingle
280Total import capacitive power, avgvarsingle
282Total avgimportsingle
284Total export active power, avgWsingle
286Total avgexportsingle
288Total export capacitive power, avgvarsingle
290Total avgexportsingle
292Total import active power, mdWsingle
294Total mdimportsingle
296Total import capacitive power, mdvarsingle
298Total mdimportsingle
300Total export active power, mdWsingle
302Total mdexportsingle
304Total export capacitive power, mdvarsingle
306Total mdexportsingle
308Hold counters, in progress interval elapsed timesword
309Hold counters, last expired interval durationsword
310Hold counters, last expired interval id word
311Hold counter, import active energykWh/10dword
313Hold counter, import inductive energykvarh/10dword
315Hold counter, import capacitive energykvarh/10dword
317Hold counter, import apparent energykVAh/10dword
319Hold counter, export active energykWh/10dword
321Hold counter, export inductive energykvarh/10dword
323Hold counter, export capacitive energykvarh/10dword
325Hold counter, export apparent energykVAh/10dword
327Import active energykWh/10integer
329Import inductive energykvarh/10integer
331Import capacitive energykvarh/10integer
333Import apparent energykVAh/10integer
335Export active energykWh/10integer
337Export inductive energykvarh/10integer
339Export capacitive energykvarh/10integer
341Export apparent energykVAh/10integer
343Life timerSinteger
345Import active energy (hi resolution)Wh/10int64
349Import inductive energy (hi resolution)varh/10int64
353Import capacitive energy (hi resolution)varh/10int64
357Import apparent energy (hi resolution)VAh/10int64
361Export active energy (hi resolution)Wh/10int64
365Export inductive energy (hi resolution)varh/10int64
369Export capacitive energy (hi resolution)varh/10int64
373Export apparent energy (hi resolution)VAh/10int64

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