Electro Industries (Shark 250) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1000V A NVsingle
1002V B NVsingle
1004V C NVsingle
1006V A BVsingle
1008V B CVsingle
1010V C AVsingle
1012I AAsingle
1014I BAsingle
1016I CAsingle
1018W, totalWsingle
1020Var, totalVAsingle
1022Va, totalVAsingle
1024Pf, total single
1028I neutralAsingle
1030W, phase AWsingle
1032W, phase BWsingle
1034W, phase CWsingle
1036Var, phase AVAsingle
1038Var, phase BVAsingle
1040Var, phase CVAsingle
1042Va, phase AVAsingle
1044Va, phase BVAsingle
1046Va, phase CVAsingle
1048Pf, phase A single
1050Pf, phase B single
1052Pf, phase C single
1054Symmetrical component magnitude, 0 sequence componentVsingle
1056Symmetrical component magnitude, positive sequenceVsingle
1058Symmetrical component magnitude, negative sequence componentVsingle
1060Symmetrical component phase, zero sequence component smallint
1061Symmetrical component phase, positive sequence component smallint
1062Symmetrical component phase, negative sequence component smallint
1063Voltage unbalance, zero sequence component component word
1064Voltage unbalance, negative sequence component word
1065Current unbalance word
1066Quadrant indicator word
1067Q total single
1069Q phase A single
1071Q phase B single
1073Q phase C single
1500Wh, (q1+q4)Whinteger
1502Wh, (q2+q3)Whinteger
1504Wh, netWhinteger
1506Wh, totalWhinteger
1508Varh, (q1+q2)VARhinteger
1510Varh, (q3+q4)VARhinteger
1512Varh, netVARhinteger
1514Varh, totalVARhinteger
1516Vah, totalVAinteger
1518Wh, (q1+q4), phase AWhinteger
1520Wh, (q1+q4), phase BWhinteger
1522Wh, (q1+q4), phase CWhinteger
1524Wh, (q2+q3), phase AWhinteger
1526Wh, (q2+q3), phase BWhinteger
1528Wh, (q2+q3), phase CWhinteger
1530Wh, net, phase AWhinteger
1532Wh, net, phase BWhinteger
1534Wh, net, phase CWhinteger
1536Wh, total, phase AWhinteger
1538Wh, total, phase BWhinteger
1540Wh, total, phase CWhinteger
1542Varh, (q1+q2), phase AVARhinteger
1544Varh, (q1+q2), phase BVARhinteger
1546Varh, (q1+q2), phase CVARhinteger
1548Varh, (q3+q4), phase AVARhinteger
1550Varh, (q3+q4), phase BVARhinteger
1552Varh, (q3+q4), phase CVARhinteger
1554Varh, net, phase AVARhinteger
1556Varh, net, phase BVARhinteger
1558Varh, net, phase CVARhinteger
1560Varh, total, phase AVARhinteger
1562Varh, total, phase BVARhinteger
1564Varh, total, phase CVARhinteger
1566Vah, phase AVAinteger
1568Vah, phase BVAinteger
1570Vah, phase CVAinteger
1572Wh, (q1), totalWhinteger
1574Varh, (q1), totalVARhinteger
1576Vah, (q1), totalVAinteger
1578Wh, (q1), phase AWhinteger
1580Wh, (q1), phase BWhinteger
1582Wh, (q1), phase CWhinteger
1584Varh, (q1), phase AVARhinteger
1586Varh, (q1), phase BVARhinteger
1588Varh, (q1), phase CVARhinteger
1590Vah, (q1), phase AVAinteger
1592Vah, (q1), phase BVAinteger
1594Vah, (q1), phase CVAinteger
1596Wh, (q2), totalWhinteger
1598Varh, (q2), totalVARhinteger
1600Vah, (q2), totalVAinteger
1602Wh, (q2), phase AWhinteger
1604Wh, (q2), phase BWhinteger
1606Wh, (q2), phase CWhinteger
1608Varh, (q2), phase AVARhinteger
1610Varh, (q2), phase BVARhinteger
1612Varh, (q2), phase CVARhinteger
1614Vah, (q2), phase AVAinteger
1616Vah, (q2), phase BVAinteger
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Electro Industries (Shark 250) data logging
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