ENTES (EMM) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Voltage L2-NVsingle
4Voltage L3-NVsingle
8Voltage L1-L2Vsingle
10Voltage L2-L3Vsingle
12Voltage L3-L1Vsingle
14Current L1mAsingle
16Current L2mAsingle
18Current L3mAsingle
22Neutral current = IL1+IL2+IL3mAsingle
24Measured frequencyHzsingle
26Active power L1-NWsingle
28Active power L2-NWsingle
30Active power L3-NWsingle
34Total import active powerWsingle
36Total export active powerWsingle
38Total active powerWsingle
40Reactive power L1VArsingle
42Reactive power L2VArsingle
44Reactive power L3VArsingle
48Quadrant 1 total reactive powerVArsingle
50Quadrant 2 total reactive powerVArsingle
52Quadrant 3 total reactive powerVArsingle
54Quadrant 4 total reactive powerVArsingle
56Total reactive powerVArsingle
58Apperant power L1-NVArsingle
60Apparent power L2-NVArsingle
62Apparent power L3-NVArsingle
66Total import apperant powerVAsingle
68Total export apperant powerVAsingle
70Total apperant powerVAsingle
72Power factor L1 single
74Power factor L2 single
76Power factor L3 single
80Power factor total import single
82Power factor total export single
84Power factor total single
86CosPhi L1 single
88CosPhi L2 single
90CosPhi L3 single
98Cos phi = COS_L1 + COS_L2 + COS_L3 single
100Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, -1=left single
102Voltage unbalance%single
106L1 phase voltage angleAnglesingle
108L2 phase voltage angleAnglesingle
110L3 phase voltage angleAnglesingle
114L1 phase current angleAnglesingle
116L2 phase current angleAnglesingle
118L3 phase current angleAnglesingle
128Internal tempDCsingle
130Hour meter (Non resetable)h/1000dword
132Working hour counterh/1000dword
134Pulse counter 1 dword
136Pulse counter 2 dword
138Pulse counter 3 dword
140Pulse counter 4 dword
142Pulse counter 5 dword
144Pulse counter 6 dword
146Pulse counter 7 dword
148Pulse counter 8 dword
800L1 phase max voltageVsingle
802L1 phase max voltage timeTimedword
804L2 phase max voltageVsingle
806L2 phase max voltage timeTimedword
808L3 phase max voltageVsingle
810L3 phase max voltage timeTimedword
816L1-L2 max voltageVsingle
818L1-L2 max voltage timeTimedword
820L2-L3 max voltageVsingle
822L2-L3 max voltage timeTimedword
824L3-L1 max voltageVsingle
826L3-L1 max voltage timeTimedword
828L1 phase max currentAsingle
830L1 phase max current timeTimedword
832L2 phase max currentAsingle
834L2 phase max current timeTimedword
836L3 phase max currentAsingle
838L3 phase max current timeTimedword
844L4 phase max currentAsingle
846L4 phase max current timeTimedword
848Max system frequencyHzsingle
850Max system frequency timeTimedword
852Max. unbalance%single
854Max. unbalance timeTimedword
856L1 phase max active powerWsingle
858L1 phase max active power timeTimedword
860L2 phase max active powerWsingle
862L2 phase max active power timeTimedword
864L3 phase max active powerWsingle
866L3 phase max active power timeTimedword
872Max total import active powerWsingle
874Max total import active power timeTimedword
876Max total export active powerWsingle
878Max total export active power timeTimedword
880Max total active powerWsingle
882Max total active power timeTimedword
884L1 phase max reactive powerVARsingle
886L1 phase max reactive power timeTimedword
888L2 phase max reactive powerVARsingle
890L2 phase max reactive power timeTimedword
892L3 phase max reactive powerVARsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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