ENTES (MPR1 Series) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Voltage L2 NV/10dword
4Voltage L3 NV/10dword
6Voltage L4 NV/10dword
8Voltage L1 L2V/10dword
10Voltage L2 L3V/10dword
12Voltage L3 L1V/10dword
14Current L1mAdword
16Current L2mAdword
18Current L3mAdword
20Current L4mAdword
22Neutral current = il1+il2+il3mAdword
24Measured frequencyHz / 100dword
26Active power L1 NWsingle
28Active power L2 NWsingle
30Active power L3 NWsingle
32Active power L4 NWsingle
34Total import active powerWsingle
36Total export active powerWsingle
38Active power +/ = P =p1+p2+p3Wsingle
40Reactive power L1varsingle
42Reactive power L2varsingle
44Reactive power L3varsingle
46Reactive power L4varsingle
48Quadrant 1 total reactive powervarsingle
50Quadrant 2 total reactive powervarsingle
52Quadrant 3 total reactive powervarsingle
54Quadrant 4 total reactive powervarsingle
56Reactive power +/ = q=q1+q2+q3varsingle
58Apparent power L1 NVAsingle
60Apparent power L2 NVAsingle
62Apparent power L3 NVAsingle
64Apparent power L4 NVAsingle
66Total import apparent powerVAsingle
68Total export apparent powerVAsingle
70Apparent power +/ = s=s1+s2+s3VAsingle
72Power factor L1 integer
74Power factor L2 integer
76Power factor L3 integer
78Power factor L4 integer
80Power factor +/ = pf=pfl1+pfl2+pfl3 integer
82Cosphi L1 integer
84Cosphi L2 integer
86Cosphi L3 integer
88Cosphi L4 integer
90Cos phi = cos_l1 + cos_l2 + cos_l3 integer
92Rotation field; 1=right, 0=none, 1=left integer
94Voltage unbalance%dword
96Current unbalance%dword
98L1 phase voltage angleAngleint64
100L2 phase voltage angleAngleint64
102L3 phase voltage angleAngleint64
104L4 phase voltage angleAngleint64
106L1 phase current angleAngleint64
108L2 phase current angleAngleint64
110L3 phase current angleAngleint64
112L4 phase current angleAngleint64
114Analog input 1 single
116Analog input 2 single
118Analog input 3 single
120Analog input 4 single
122Analog input 5 single
124Analog input 6 single
126Analog input 7 single
128Analog input 8 single
130Analog output 1 single
132Analog output 2 single
134Analog output 3 single
136Analog output 4 single
138Temperature input 1Csingle
140Temperature input 2Csingle
142Temperature input 3Csingle
144Temperature input 4Csingle
146Temperature input 5 single
148Temperature input 6 single
150Temperature input 7 single
152Temperature input 8 single
154Hour meter ( non resetable )h/1000dword
156Working hour counterh/1000dword
158Input status dword
200Consumed active energy L1Whint64
204Consumed active energy L2Whint64
208Consumed active energy L3Whint64
212Consumed active energy L4Whint64
216Total consumed energy l1..l3Whint64
220Delivered active energy L1Whint64
224Delivered active energy L2Whint64
228Delivered active energy L3Whint64
232Delivered active energy L4Whint64
236Total delivered energy l1..l3Whint64
240Consumed apparent energy L1VAhint64
244Consumed apparent energy L2VAhint64
248Consumed apparent energy L3VAhint64
252Consumed apparent energy L4VAhint64
256Total consumed apparent energy l1..l3VAhint64
260Delivered apparent energy L1VAhint64
264Delivered apparent energy L2VAhint64
268Delivered apparent energy L3VAhint64
272Delivered apparent energy L4VAhint64
276Total delivered apparent energy l1..l3VAhint64
280Quadrant 1 reactive energy L1Varhint64
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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