Kohler (Decision Maker 340) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
1System time word
2Day of week word
5Year word
6Week of month word
7Voltage l1l2Voltsword
8Voltage l2l3Voltsword
9Voltage l3l1Voltsword
11Voltage l1l0Voltsword
12Voltage l2l0Voltsword
13Voltage l3l0Voltsword
14Alert codeAeRGodeword
15Engine speed word
16Coolant temp word
17Oil pressure word
18Battery voltageVDC word
19L1 currentAmpsword
20L2 currentAmpsword
21L3 currentAmpsword
22Power factor 100word
23Total real powerkWword
24Percent of max. Power% word
33Status01: Sw. Position (00=open; 01=auto; 10=run; 11=off)word
47Engine start timeSecword
48Crank timeSecword
49Crank pause timeSecword
50Num of crank cycles word
51Engine cooldown timeSecword
52Over voltage time delaySecword
53Under voltage time delaySecword
54Starting aid timeSecword
55Aux 1 inhibit timeSecword
56Aux 1 delay timeSecword
57Aux 2 inhibit timeSecword
58Aux 2 delay timeSecword
59Aux 3 inhibit timeSecword
60Aux 3 delay timeSecword
61Aux 4 inhibit timeSecword
62Aux 4 delay timeSecword
63Over voltage trip point%word
64Under voltage trip point%word
65Over freq trip point%word
66Under freq trip point%word
67Over speed trip point%word
68Low battery voltage trip pointVDCword
69High battery voltage trip pointVDC word
70System voltageVolts, 105-14600word
71System frequencyHz, 48-62word
72Genset ratingkW, 0-3000word
73Battery voltageVDC, 12 or 24word
75Run time loaded since reset word
77Run time unloaded since reset word
79Days of operation since reset word
80Kw hrs since reset word
82Number starts since reset word
83Month of reset1-12word
84Day of reset1-31word
85Year of reset word
86Run time loaded since startup word
88Run time unloaded since startup word
90Days of operation since startup word
91Kw hrs since startup word
93Number starts since startup word
94Month of startup1-12word
95Day of startup1-31word
96Year of startup word
97Month of last start1-12word
98Day of last start1-31word
99Year of last start word
100Time of last start word
101Duration of last run word
111Shutdown #1 codeCodeword
112Shutdown #1 month1-12word
113Shutdown #1 day1-31word
114Shutdown #1 year word
115Shutdown #2 codeCodeword
116Shutdown #2 month1-12word
117Shutdown #2 day1-31word
118Shutdown #2 year word
119Shutdown #3 codeCodeword
120Shutdown #3 month1-12word
121Shutdown #3 day1-31word
122Shutdown #3 year word
123Shutdown #4 codeCodeword
124Shutdown #4 month1-12word
125Shutdown #4 day1-31word
126Shutdown #4 year word
139Designation9 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSB, last byte ignoredword
144Load description20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
154Location20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
164Model no26 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
177Spec. No16 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
185Serial no6 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
188Controller serial no6 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
203Auxiliary 1 description20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
213Auxiliary 2 description20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
223Auxiliary 3 description20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
233Auxiliary 4 description20 chars, 1 per byte, first char = LSBword
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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