Lovato (DMG210,DMG300,DMG700,DMG800) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2L1 phase voltageVdword
4L2 phase voltageVdword
6L3 phase voltageVdword
8L1 currentAdword
10L2 currentAdword
12L3 currentAdword
14L1 L2 voltageVdword
16L2 L3 voltageVdword
18L3 L1 voltageVdword
20L1 active powerWinteger
22L2 active powerWinteger
24L3 active powerWinteger
26L1 reactive powerVarinteger
28L2 reactive powerVarinteger
30L3 reactive powerVarinteger
32L1 apparent powerVAdword
34L2 apparent powerVAdword
36L3 apparent powerVAdword
38L1 power factor integer
40L2 power factor integer
42L3 power factor integer
52Eqv. Phase voltageVdword
54Eqv. Phase to phase voltageVdword
56Eqv. CurrentAdword
58Eqv. Active powerWinteger
60Eqv. Reactive powerVarinteger
62Eqv. Apparent powerVAdword
64Eqv power factor integer
66Asymmetriy phase phase voltage%dword
68Asymmetriy phase neural voltage%dword
70Asymmetriy neutral current%dword
72Neutral currentAdword
84Thd L1 voltage%dword
86Thd L2 voltage%dword
88Thd L3 voltage%dword
90Thd L1 current%dword
92Thd L2 current%dword
94Thd L3 current%dword
96Thd L1 2 voltage%dword
98Thd L2 3 voltage%dword
100Thd L3 1 voltage%dword
1024L1 phase voltageVdword
1026L2 phase voltageVdword
1122Thd L3 1 voltage%dword
1536L1 phase voltageVdword
1538L2 phase voltageVdword
1634Thd L3 1 voltage%dword
2048L1 phase voltageVdword
2050L2 phase voltageVdword
2146Thd L3 1 voltage%dword
2560L1 phase voltageVdword
2562L2 phase voltageVdword
2658Thd L3 1 voltage%dword
30722 harmonic L1 voltage%dword
30743 harmonic L1 voltage%dword
313031 harmonic L1 voltage%dword
31362 harmonic L2 voltage%dword
319431 harmonic L2 voltage%dword
32002 harmonic L3 voltage%dword
325831 harmonic L3 voltage%dword
32642 harmonic L1 current%dword
332231 harmonic L1 current%dword
33282 harmonic L2 current%dword
338631 harmonic L2 current%dword
33922 harmonic L3 current%dword
345031 harmonic L3 current%dword
34562 harmonic L1 L2 voltage%dword
351431 harmonic L1 L2 voltage%dword
35202 harmonic L2 L3 voltage%dword
357831 harmonic L2 voltage%dword
35842 harmonic L3 L1 voltage%dword
364231 harmonic L3 L1 voltage%dword
6688Active energylmp. TotkWhdword
6690Active energyexp. TotkWhdword
6694Reactiveenergyexp. TotkVarhdword
6698Active energylmp. ParkWhdword
6700Active energyexp. ParkWhdword
6702Reactiveenergylmp. ParkVarhdword
6704Reactive energy exp. ParkVarhdword
6706Apparent energy. ParKVAhdword
6986Active energy imp. Tariff AkWhdword
6990Active energy exp. Tariff AkWhdword
6994Reactive energy tmp. Tariff AkVarhdword
6998Reactive energy exp. Tariff AkVarhdword
7002Apparent energy tariff AKVAhdword
7006Active energy tmp. Tariff BkWhdword
7022Apparent energy tariff BKVAhdword
7026Active energy imp. Tariff CkWhdword
7042Apparent energy tariff CKVAhdword
7046Active energy tmp. Tariff DkWhdword
7062Apparent energy tariff DKVAhdword

Lovato (DME) data logging
Lovato (DMG210,DMG300,DMG700,DMG800) data logging
Lovato (DMK40) data logging

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