Masibus (PM2160-3P4W) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
21. Pf dword
42. Pf dword
63. Pf dword
8A. Pf dword
101. Vrms dword
122. Vrms dword
143. Vrms dword
16A. Vrms dword
18Vrms 1*2 dword
20Vrms 2*3 dword
22Vrms 31 dword
241. Irms dword
262. Irms dword
283. Irms dword
30A. Irms dword
341. Watt dword
362. Watt dword
383. Watt dword
40S. Watt dword
421. Var dword
442.var dword
463.var dword
48S.var dword dword dword dword dword
581.wh import dword
602.wh import dword
623.wh import dword
64T.wh import dword
661.wh export dword
682.wh export dword
703.wh export dword
72T.wh export dword
741. Varh import dword
762. Varh import dword
783. Varh import dword
80T. Varh import dword
821. Varh export dword
842. Varh export dword
863. Varh export dword
88T. Varh export dword
901.vah dword
922.vah dword
943.vah dword
96T.vah dword
98Rising demand dword
100Real date dword
102Realtime dword
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