Mikro (DPM680) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
0003Device type subx0000word
0004Version number mainx0000 ; 0x0002word
0006Version number subx0000 ; 0x0000word
1001Parity selection=none, 1 stop bit 1=none, 2 stop bit 2=odd, 1 stop bit 3=even, 1 stop bitword
1002Baudrate selection=300 2=600 3=1200 4=2400 5=4800 6=9600 7=19200 8=38400word
1003Ip addressx00 | 0x00 ; 0x00 | 0x00word
1005Subnet maskx00 | 0x00 ; 0x00 | 0x00word
4000Real energyWhint64
4004Apparent energyVAhint64
4008Reactive energyVArhint64
4012Total real powerWinteger
4014Total apparent powerVAinteger
4016Total reactive powerVArinteger
4018Total power factor1word
4020Instantaneous current AAdword
4022Instantaneous current BAdword
4024Instantaneous current CAdword
4026Instantaneous current NAdword
4028Voltage line abVdword
4030Voltage line bcVdword
4032Voltage line acVdword
4034Voltage phase anVdword
4036Voltage phase bnVdword
4038Voltage phase cnVdword
4040Real power AWinteger
4042Real power BWinteger
4044Real power CWinteger
4046Apparent power AVAinteger
4048Apparent power BVAinteger
4050Apparent power CVAinteger
4052Reactive power AVArinteger
4054Reactive power BVArinteger
4056Reactive power CVArinteger
4058Current demand AArmsdword
4060Current demand BArmsdword
4062Current demand CArmsdword
4064Real power demandWinteger
4066Reactive power demandVArinteger
4068Apparent power demandVAinteger
4070Positive sequence currentAdword
4072Negative sequence currentAdword
4074Zero sequence currentAdword
4076Positive sequence phase voltageVdword
4078Negative sequence phase voltageVdword
4080Zero sequence phase voltageVdword
4082Current thd A%word
4083Current thd B%word
4084Current thd C%word
4085Voltage thd A%word
4086Voltage thd B%word
4087Voltage thd C%word
4088Peak current AAdword
4090Year and month of peak current Ayr ; 1mthstring
4091Day and hour of peak current Aday ; 1hrstring
4092Minute and second of peak current Amin ; 1secstring
4093Peak current BAdword
4095Year and month of peak current Byr ; 1mthstring
4096Day and hour of peak current Bday ; 1hrstring
4097Minute and second of peak current Bmin ; 1secstring
4098Peak current CAdword
4100Year and month of peak current Cyr ; 1mthstring
4101Day and hour of peak current Cday ; 1hrstring
4102Minute and second of peak current Cmin ; 1secstring
4103Peak current NAdword
4105Year and month of peak current Nyr ; 1mthstring
4106Day and hour of peak current Nday ; 1hrstring
4107Minute and second of peak current Nmin ; 1secstring
4108Peak voltage phase anVdword
4110Year and month of peak voltage anyr ; 1mthstring
4111Day and hour of peak voltage anday ; 1hrstring
4112Minute and second of peak voltage anmin ; 1secstring
4113Peak voltage phase bnVdword
4115Year and month of peak voltage bnyr ; 1mthstring
4116Day and hour of peak voltage bnday ; 1hrstring
4117Minute and second of peak voltage bnmin ; 1secstring
4118Peak voltage phase cnVdword
4120Year and month of peak voltage cnyr ; 1mthstring
4121Day and hour of peak voltage cnday ; 1hrstring
4122Minute and second of peak voltage cnmin ; 1secstring
4123Maximum current demand AArmsdword
4125Year and month of maximum current demand Ayr ; 1mthstring
4126Day and hour of maximum current demand Aday ; 1hrstring
4127Minute and second of maximum current demand Amin ; 1secstring
4128Maximum current demand BArmsdword
4130Year and month of maximum current demand Byr ; 1mthstring
4131Day and hour of maximum current demand Bday ; 1hrstring
4132Minute and second of maximum current demand Bmin ; 1secstring
4133Maximum current demand CArmsdword
4135Year and month of maximum current demand Cyr ; 1mthstring
4136Day and hour of maximum current demand Cday ; 1hrstring
4137Minute and second of maximum current demand Cmin ; 1secstring
4138Maximum real power demandWdword
4140Year and month of maximum real power demandyr ; 1mthstring
4141Day and hour of maximum real power demandday ; 1hrstring
4142Minute and second of maximum real power demandmin ; 1secstring
4143Maximum reactive power demandVArdword
4145Year and month of maximum reactive power demandyr ; 1mthstring
4146Day and hour of maximum reactive power demandday ; 1hrstring
4147Minute and second of maximum reactive power demandmin ; 1secstring
4148Maximum apparent power demandVAdword
4150Year and month of maximum apparent power demandyr ; 1mthstring
4151Day and hour of maximum apparent power demandday ; 1hrstring
4152Minute and second of maximum apparent power demandmin ; 1secstring
4153Power factor A1word
4154Power factor sector A=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4155Power factor B1word
4156Power factor sector B=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4157Power factor C1word
4158Power factor sector C=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4159Total power factor1word
4160Total power factor sector=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4161Displacement power factor A1word
4162Displacement power factor sector A=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4163Displacement power factor B1word
4164Displacement power factor sector B=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4166Displacement power factor sector C=resistive 1=inductive 2=capacitiveword
4200Current fundamental harmonic A%word
4201Current 2nd harmonic A%word
4202Current 3rd harmonic A%word
4203Current 4th harmonic A%word
4204Current 5th harmonic A%word
4205Current 6th harmonic A%word
4206Current 7th harmonic A%word
4207Current 8th harmonic A%word
4208Current 9th harmonic A%word
4209Current 10th harmonic A%word
4210Current 11th harmonic A%word
4211Current 12th harmonic A%word
4212Current 13th harmonic A%word
4213Current 14th harmonic A%word
4214Current 15th harmonic A%word
4215Current 16th harmonic A%word
4216Current 17th harmonic A%word
4217Current 18th harmonic A%word
4218Current 19th harmonic A%word
4219Current 20th harmonic A%word
4220Current 21st harmonic A%word
4221Current 22nd harmonic A%word
4222Current 23rd harmonic A%word
4223Current 24th harmonic A%word
4224Current 25th harmonic A%word
4225Current 26th harmonic A%word
4226Current 27th harmonic A%word
4227Current 28th harmonic A%word
4228Current 29th harmonic A%word
4229Current 30th harmonic A%word
4230Current 31st harmonic A%word
4231Current 32nd harmonic A%word
4232Current fundamental harmonic B%word
4233Current 2nd harmonic B%word
4234Current 3rd harmonic B%word
4235Current 4th harmonic B%word
4236Current 5th harmonic B%word
4237Current 6th harmonic B%word
4238Current 7th harmonic B%word
4239Current 8th harmonic B%word
4240Current 9th harmonic B%word
4241Current 10th harmonic B%word
4242Current 11th harmonic B%word
4243Current 12th harmonic B%word
4244Current 13th harmonic B%word
4245Current 14th harmonic B%word
4246Current 15th harmonic B%word
4247Current 16th harmonic B%word
4248Current 17th harmonic B%word
4249Current 18th harmonic B%word
4250Current 19th harmonic B%word
4251Current 20th harmonic B%word
4252Current 21st harmonic B%word
4253Current 22nd harmonic B%word
4254Current 23rd harmonic B%word
4255Current 24th harmonic B%word
4256Current 25th harmonic B%word
4257Current 26th harmonic B%word
4258Current 27th harmonic B%word
4259Current 28th harmonic B%word
4260Current 29th harmonic B%word
4261Current 30th harmonic B%word
4262Current 31st harmonic B%word
4263Current 32nd harmonic B%word
4264Current fundamental harmonic C%word
4265Current 2nd harmonic C%word
4266Current 3rd harmonic C%word
4267Current 4th harmonic C%word
4268Current 5th harmonic C%word
4269Current 6th harmonic C%word
4270Current 7th harmonic C%word
4271Current 8th harmonic C%word
4272Current 9th harmonic C%word
4273Current 10th harmonic C%word
4274Current 11th harmonic C%word
4275Current 12th harmonic C%word
4276Current 13th harmonic C%word
4277Current 14th harmonic C%word
4278Current 15th harmonic C%word
4279Current 16th harmonic C%word
4280Current 17th harmonic C%word
4281Current 18th harmonic C%word
4282Current 19th harmonic C%word
4283Current 20th harmonic C%word
4284Current 21st harmonic C%word
4285Current 22nd harmonic C%word
4286Current 23rd harmonic C%word
4287Current 24th harmonic C%word
4288Current 25th harmonic C%word
4289Current 26th harmonic C%word
4290Current 27th harmonic C%word
4291Current 28th harmonic C%word
4292Current 29th harmonic C%word
4293Current 30th harmonic C%word
4294Current 31st harmonic C%word
4295Current 32nd harmonic C%word
4296Voltage fundamental harmonic an%word
4297Voltage 2nd harmonic an%word
4298Voltage 3rd harmonic an%word
4299Voltage 4th harmonic an%word
4300Voltage 5th harmonic an%word
4301Voltage 6th harmonic an%word
4302Voltage 7th harmonic an%word
4303Voltage 8th harmonic an%word
4304Voltage 9th harmonic an%word
4305Voltage 10th harmonic an%word
4306Voltage 11th harmonic an%word
4307Voltage 12th harmonic an%word
4308Voltage 13th harmonic an%word
4309Voltage 14th harmonic an%word
4310Voltage 15th harmonic an%word
4311Voltage 16th harmonic an%word
4312Voltage 17th harmonic an%word
4313Voltage 18th harmonic an%word
4314Voltage 19th harmonic an%word
4315Voltage 20th harmonic an%word
4316Voltage 21st harmonic an%word
4317Voltage 22nd harmonic an%word
4318Voltage 23rd harmonic an%word
4319Voltage 24th harmonic an%word
4320Voltage 25th harmonic an%word
4321Voltage 26th harmonic an%word
4322Voltage 27th harmonic an%word
4323Voltage 28th harmonic an%word
4324Voltage 29th harmonic an%word
4325Voltage 30th harmonic an%word
4326Voltage 31st harmonic an%word
4327Voltage 32nd harmonic an%word
4328Voltage fundamental harmonic bn%word
4329Voltage 2nd harmonic bn%word
4330Voltage 3rd harmonic bn%word
4331Voltage 4th harmonic bn%word
4332Voltage 5th harmonic bn%word
4333Voltage 6th harmonic bn%word
4334Voltage 7th harmonic bn%word
4335Voltage 8th harmonic bn%word
4336Voltage 9th harmonic bn%word
4337Voltage 10th harmonic bn%word
4338Voltage 11th harmonic bn%word
4339Voltage 12th harmonic bn%word
4340Voltage 13th harmonic bn%word
4341Voltage 14th harmonic bn%word
4342Voltage 15th harmonic bn%word
4343Voltage 16th harmonic bn%word
4344Voltage 17th harmonic bn%word
4345Voltage 18th harmonic bn%word
4346Voltage 19th harmonic bn%word
4347Voltage 20th harmonic bn%word
4348Voltage 21st harmonic bn%word
4349Voltage 22nd harmonic bn%word
4350Voltage 23rd harmonic bn%word
4351Voltage 24th harmonic bn%word
4352Voltage 25th harmonic bn%word
4353Voltage 26th harmonic bn%word
4354Voltage 27th harmonic bn%word
4355Voltage 28th harmonic bn%word
4356Voltage 29th harmonic bn%word
4357Voltage 30th harmonic bn%word
4358Voltage 31st harmonic bn%word
4359Voltage 32nd harmonic bn%word
4360Voltage fundamental harmonic C%word
4361Voltage 2nd harmonic cn%word
4362Voltage 3rd harmonic cn%word
4363Voltage 4th harmonic cn%word
4364Voltage 5th harmonic cn%word
4365Voltage 6th harmonic cn%word
4366Voltage 7th harmonic cn%word
4367Voltage 8th harmonic cn%word
4368Voltage 9th harmonic cn%word
4369Voltage 10th harmonic cn%word
4370Voltage 11th harmonic cn%word
4371Voltage 12th harmonic cn%word
4372Voltage 13th harmonic cn%word
4373Voltage 14th harmonic cn%word
4374Voltage 15th harmonic cn%word
4375Voltage 16th harmonic cn%word
4376Voltage 17th harmonic cn%word
4377Voltage 18th harmonic cn%word
4378Voltage 19th harmonic cn%word
4379Voltage 20th harmonic cn%word
4380Voltage 21st harmonic cn%word
4381Voltage 22nd harmonic cn%word
4382Voltage 23rd harmonic cn%word
4383Voltage 24th harmonic cn%word
4384Voltage 25th harmonic cn%word
4385Voltage 26th harmonic cn%word
4386Voltage 27th harmonic cn%word
4387Voltage 28th harmonic cn%word
4388Voltage 29th harmonic cn%word
4389Voltage 30th harmonic cn%word
4390Voltage 31st harmonic cn%word
4391Voltage 32nd harmonic cn%word

Mikro (DPM380) data logging
Mikro (DPM680) data logging
Mikro (PFRLCD) data logging

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