Schneider Electric (EM3502,EM3550) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Total instantaneous real power (3 phase total)kWword
3Total instantaneous reactive power (3 phase total)kVARword
4Total instantaneous apparent power (3 phase total)kVAword
5Total power factor (total kw / total kva)Ratioword
6Voltage, L l, average of 3 phasesVoltword
7Voltage, L n, average of 3 phasesVoltword
8Current, average of 3 phasesAmpword
9Real power, phase AkWword
10Real power, phase BkWword
11Real power, phase CkWword
12Power factor, phase ARatioword
13Power factor, phase BRatioword
14Power factor, phase CRatioword
15Voltage, phase A BVoltword
16Voltage, phase B CVoltword
17Voltage, phase A CVoltword
18Voltage, phase A NVoltword
19Voltage, phase B NVoltword
20Voltage, phase C NVoltword
21Current, instantaneous, phase AAmpword
22Current, instantaneous, phase BAmpword
23Current, instantaneous, phase CAmpword
25Frequency (derived from phase a)Hzword
26Apparent energy consumption (msr)KVAhdword
28Reactive energy consumption (msr)KVARhdword
30Apparent power, phase AkVAword
31Apparent power, phase BkVAword
32Apparent power, phase CkVAword
33Reactive power, phase AkVARword
34Reactive power, phase BkVARword
35Reactive power, phase CkVARword
36Total real power present demandkWword
37Total reactive power present demandkVARword
38Total apparent power present demandkVAword
39Total real power max. demandkWword
40Total reactive power max. demandkVARword
41Total apparent power max. demandkVAword
42Pulse counter 1 (real energy) dword
44Pulse counter 2 (reactive energy) dword
46Real energy consumption phase AkWhdword
48Real energy consumption phase BkWhdword
50Real energy consumption phase CkWhdword
129Single phase: A + N word
130Ct ratio primaryAmpsword
131Ct ratio secondary interface (1 or 1/3 v, may not be user configurable) word
132Pt ratio: the meter scales this value by 100 (i.e. entering 200 yields a potential transformer ratio of 2:1). the default is 100 (1.00:1), which is with no pt attached. set this value before setting the system voltage (below) word
133System voltage: this voltage is line to line, except for system type 10 which is line to neutral. the meter uses this value to calculate the full scale power for the analog outputs and pulse configuration (below), and as full scale for phase loss (register 142). the meter will refuse voltages that are outside the range of 82 660 volts when divided by the pt ratio (above) word
134Theoretical maximum system power: this read only value is the theoretical maximum power the meter can expect to see on a service. this value is 100% of scale on the analog output (0 5 vdc or 4 20 ma), if equipped. the meter recalculates this value if the user changes the ct size, system type, or system voltage. this integer value has the same scale as other integer power registers (see register 140 for power scaling)kWword
136Display units: 0 = iec (u, v, p, q, s), 1 = ieee (default: vll, vln, w, var, va) word
137Scale factors note: these registers contain a signed integer that scales the corresponding integer registers. floating point registers are not scaled. scaling is recalculated when the meter configuration is changed smallint
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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