Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION7400 logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
30Meter name utf8(40)
50Meter model utf8(40)
1717Current version utf8(12)
1844Day of week word
2400Digital input status validity base unit word
2402Digital output status validity base unit word
2420Setpoint status validity word
2550Digital input status validity option slot A word
2552Digital input status validity option slot B word
2554Digital input status validity option slot C word
2556Digital input status validity option slot D word
2566Digital output status validity option slot A word
2568Digital output status validity option slot B word
2570Digital output status validity option slot C word
2572Digital output status validity option slot D word
2700Active energy delivered (into load)kWhsingle
2702Active energy received (out of load)kWhsingle
2704Active energy delivered + receivedkWhsingle
2706Active energy delivered receivedkWhsingle
2708Reactive energy deliveredkVARhsingle
2710Reactive energy receivedkVARhsingle
2712Reactive energy delivered + receivedkVARhsingle
2714Reactive energy delivered receivedkVARhsingle
2716Apparent energy deliveredkVAhsingle
2718Apparent energy receivedkVAhsingle
2720Apparent energy delivered + receivedkVAhsingle
2722Apparent energy delivered receivedkVAhsingle
2724Active energy in quadrant IkWhsingle
2726Active energy in quadrant iikWhsingle
2728Active energy in quadrant iiikWhsingle
2730Active energy in quadrant ivkWhsingle
2732Reactive energy in quadrant IkVARhsingle
2734Reactive energy in quadrant iikVARhsingle
2736Reactive energy in quadrant iiikVARhsingle
2738Reactive energy in quadrant ivkVARhsingle
2740Apparent energy in quadrant IkVAhsingle
2742Apparent energy in quadrant iikVAhsingle
2744Apparent energy in quadrant iiikVAhsingle
2746Apparent energy in quadrant ivkVAhsingle
2748Conditional active energy delivered (into load)kWhsingle
2750Conditional active energy received (out of load)kWhsingle
2754Active energy delivered received, conditionalkWhsingle
2756Conditional reactive energy in (delivered)kVARhsingle
2758Conditional reactive energy out (received)kVARhsingle
2762Reactive energy delivered received, conditionalkVARhsingle
2768Apparent energy delivered + received, conditionalkVAhsingle
2772Active energy delivered , last complete intervalkWhsingle
2774Active energy received , last complete intervalkWhsingle
2776Active energy delivered received , last complete intervalkWhsingle
2778Reactive energy delivered , last complete intervalkVARhsingle
2780Reactive energy received , last complete intervalkVARhsingle
2782Reactive energy delivered received , last complete intervalkVARhsingle
2784Apparent energy delivered + received , last complete intervalkVAhsingle
2786Active energy delivered , present intervalkWhsingle
2788Active energy received , present intervalkWhsingle
2790Active energy delivered received , present intervalkWhsingle
2792Reactive energy delivered , present intervalkVARhsingle
2794Reactive energy received , present intervalkVARhsingle
2796Reactive energy delivered received , present intervalkVARhsingle
2798Apparent energy delivered + received , present intervalkVAhsingle
2800Active energy delivered intervalkWhsingle
2802Active energy received intervalkWhsingle
2804Reactive energy delivered intervalkVARhsingle
2806Reactive energy received intervalkVARhsingle
2808Apparent energy delivered intervalkVAhsingle
2810Apparent energy received intervalkVAhsingle
2830Input metering accumulation channel 01 single
2832Input metering accumulation channel 02 single
2834Input metering accumulation channel 03 single
2836Input metering accumulation channel 04 single
2838Input metering accumulation channel 05 single
3000Current AAsingle
3002Current BAsingle
3004Current CAsingle
3006Current NAsingle
3008Current GAsingle
3010Current avgAsingle
3018Current unbalance worst single
3020Voltage A BVsingle
3022Voltage B CVsingle
3024Voltage C AVsingle
3026Voltage L L avgVsingle
3028Voltage A NVsingle
3030Voltage B NVsingle
3032Voltage C NVsingle
3036Voltage L N avgVsingle
3052Voltage unbalance L N worst single
3054Active power AWsingle
3056Active power BWsingle
3058Active power CWsingle
3060Active power totalWsingle
3062Reactive power AVARsingle
3064Reactive power BVARsingle
3066Reactive power CVARsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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