Siemens (SICAM P) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
199Overflow voltage L1 N (ov UL1) single
200Voltage L N (u L1)Vsingle
202Voltage L N (u L2)Vsingle
204Voltage L N (u L3)Vsingle
206Sum of voltages L N (calculated) (u ne)Vsingle
208Current (i L1)Asingle
210Current (i L2)Asingle
212Current (i L3)Asingle
214Current (i ne)Asingle
216Voltage L L (u L12)Vsingle
218Voltage L L (u L23)Vsingle
220Voltage L L (u L31)Vsingle
222Voltage sum (u sum)Vsingle
224Current sum (i sum)Asingle
226Active power (p L1)Wsingle
228Active power (p L2)Wsingle
230Active power (p L3)Wsingle
232Active power (p)Wsingle
234Reactive power (q L1)varsingle
236Reactive power (q L2)varsingle
238Reactive power (q L3)varsingle
240Reactive power (q)varsingle
242Apparent power (s L1)VAsingle
244Apparent power (s L2)VAsingle
246Apparent power (s L3)VAsingle
248Apparent power (s)VAsingle
250Active factor cos (cos phi L1) single
252Active factor cos (cos phi L2) single
254Active factor cos (cos phi L3) single
256Active factor cos (cos phi) single
258Power factor (pf L1) single
260Power factor (pf L2) single
262Power factor (pf L3) single
264Power factor (pf) single
266Phase angle (phi L1)D (degree)single
268Phase angle (phi L2)D (degree)single
270Phase angle (phi L3)D (degree)single
272Phase angle (phi sum)D (degree)single
274Frequency (f)Hzsingle
276Voltage unbalance (asym U)%single
278Current unbalance (asym I)%single
280Thd voltage (thdu L1)%single
282Thd voltage (thdu L2)%single
284Thd voltage (thdu L3)%single
286Thd current (thdi L1)%single
288Thd current (thdi L2)%single
290Thd current (thdi L3)%single
292Harmonic voltage, 5th harmonic wave (hu L1 5)%single
294Harmonic voltage, 5th harmonic wave (hu L2 5)%single
296Harmonic voltage, 5th harmonic wave (hu L3 5)%single
298Harmonic voltage, 7th harmonic wave (hu L1 7)%single
300Harmonic voltage, 7th harmonic wave (hu L2 7)%single
302Harmonic voltage, 7th harmonic wave (hu L3 7)%single
304Harmonic voltage, 11th harmonic wave (hu L1 11)%single
306Harmonic voltage, 11th harmonic wave (hu L2 11)%single
308Harmonic voltage, 11th harmonic wave (hu L3 11)%single
310Harmonic voltage, 13th harmonic wave (hu L1 13)%single
312Harmonic voltage, 13th harmonic wave (hu L2 13)%single
314Harmonic voltage, 13th harmonic wave (hu L3 13)%single
316Harmonic voltage, 17th harmonic wave (hu L1 17)%single
318Harmonic voltage, 17th harmonic wave (hu L2 17)%single
320Harmonic voltage, 17th harmonic wave (hu L3 17)%single
322Harmonic voltage, 19th harmonic wave (hu L1 19)%single
324Harmonic voltage, 19th harmonic wave (hu L2 19)%single
326Harmonic voltage, 19th harmonic wave (hu L3 19)%single
328Harmonic current, 5th harmonic wave (hi L1 5)Asingle
330Harmonic current, 5th harmonic wave (hi L2 5)Asingle
332Harmonic current, 5th harmonic wave (hi L3 5)Asingle
334Harmonic current, 7th harmonic wave (hi L1 7)Asingle
336Harmonic current, 7th harmonic wave (hi L2 7)Asingle
338Harmonic current, 7th harmonic wave (hi L3 7)Asingle
340Harmonic current, 11th harmonic wave (hi L1 11)Asingle
342Harmonic current, 11th harmonic wave (hi L2 11)Asingle
344Harmonic current, 11th harmonic wave (hi L3 11)Asingle
346Harmonic current, 13th harmonic wave (hi L1 13)Asingle
348Harmonic current, 13th harmonic wave (hi L2 13)Asingle
350Harmonic current, 13th harmonic wave (hi L3 13)Asingle
352Harmonic current, 17th harmonic wave (hi L1 17)Asingle
354Harmonic current, 17th harmonic wave (hi L2 17)Asingle
356Harmonic current, 17th harmonic wave (hi L3 17)Asingle
358Harmonic current, 19th harmonic wave (hi L1 19)Asingle
360Harmonic current, 19th harmonic wave (hi L2 19)Asingle
362Harmonic current, 19th harmonic wave (hi L3 19)Asingle
499Harmonic voltage, 2nd harmonic wave (hu L1 2)%single
501Harmonic voltage, 2nd harmonic wave (hu L2 2)%single
503Harmonic voltage, 2nd harmonic wave (hu L3 2)%single
505Harmonic voltage, 3rd harmonic wave (hu L1 3)%single
507Harmonic voltage, 3rd harmonic wave (hu L2 3)%single
509Harmonic voltage, 3rd harmonic wave (hu L3 3)%single
511Harmonic voltage, 4th to 20th harmonic wave (hu lx 4 to hu lx 20)%single
613Harmonic voltage, 21th harmonic wave (hu L1 21)%single
615Harmonic voltage, 21th harmonic wave (hu L2 21)%single
617Harmonic voltage, 21th harmonic wave (hu L3 21)%single
619Harmonic current, 2nd harmonic wave (hi L1 2)%single
621Harmonic current, 2nd harmonic wave (hi L2 2)%single
623Harmonic current, 2nd harmonic wave (hi L3 2)%single
625Harmonic current, 3rd harmonic wave (hi L1 3)%single
627Harmonic current, 3rd harmonic wave (hi L2 3)%single
629Harmonic current, 3rd harmonic wave (hi L3 3)%single
631Harmonic current, 4th to 20th harmonic wave (hi lx 4 to hi lx 20)%single
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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