Socomec DIRIS A40-A41-RS485 data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced Serial Data Logger" or "Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
10511Hour meter1dword
10513Phase to phase voltage u12Vdword
10515Phase to phase voltage u23Vdword
10517Phase to phase voltage u31Vdword
10519Phase to neutral voltage phase 1Vdword
10521Phase to neutral voltage phase 2Vdword
10523Phase to neutral voltage phase 3Vdword
10527Phase current 1 dword
10529Phase current 2 dword
10531Phase current 3 dword
10533Neutral current dword
10535- active power +/-kWdword
10537- reactive power +/-kvardword
10539- apparent powerkVAdword
10541- power factor -: leading and + : lagging dword
10543Active power phase 1 +/-kWdword
10545Active power phase 2 +/-kWdword
10547Active power phase 3 +/-kWdword
10549Reactive power phase 1 +/-kvardword
10551Reactive power phase 2 +/-kvardword
10553Reactive power phase 3 +/-kvardword
10555Apparent power phase 1kVAdword
10557Apparent power phase 2kVAdword
10559Apparent power phase 3kVAdword
10561Power factor phase 1 -: leading and + : lagging dword
10563Power factor phase 2 -: leading and + : lagging dword
10565Power factor phase 3 -: leading and + : lagging dword
10767Hour meter1dword
10769Active energy + dword
10773Apparent apparente dword
10775Active energy - dword
10777Active energy + dword
10779No. compteurs d'impulsions dword
10783Pulse meter 2 dword
10785Pulse meter 3 dword
10787Pulse meter 4 dword
10789Pulse meter 5 dword
10803S predicted reactive powerkvardword
10805S predicted apparent powerkVAdword
10807Ea+ between 2 tops dword
10809Ea- between 2 tops dword
10813Er- between 2 tops dword
11029Avg v1Vdword
11033Avg v3Vdword
11035Avg fHzdword
11037Avg i1 dword
11039Avg i2 dword
11043Avg in dword
11045Avg - active power +kWdword
11047Avg - active power -kWdword
11049Avg - reactive power +kvardword
11053Avg - apparent powerkVAdword
11055Max/avg u12Vdword
11057Max/avg u23Vdword
11059Max/avg u31Vdword
11061Max/avg v1Vdword
11063Max/avg v2Vdword
11065Max/avg v3Vdword
11067Max/avg fHzdword
11069Max/avg i1 dword
11071Max/avg i2 dword
11073Max/avg i3 dword
11075Max/avg in dword
11077Max/avg - active power +kWdword
11079Max/avg - active power -kWdword
11081Max/avg - reactive power +kvardword
11083Max/avg - reactive power -kvardword
11085Max/avg - apparent powerkVAdword
11279Hour meter word
11280Phase to phase voltage u12Vword
11281Phase to phase voltage u23Vword
11282Phase to phase voltage u31Vword
11283Phase to neutral voltage 1Vword
11284Phase to neutral voltage 2Vword
11285Phase to neutral voltage 3Vword
11287Phase current 1 word
11288Phase current 3 word
11290Neutral current word
11291- active power +/-kWword
11292- reactive power +/-kvarword
11293- apparent power +/-kVAword
11294- power factor l/c -: word
11295Phase active power 1 +/-kWword
11296Phase active power 2 +/-kWword
11297Phase active power 3 +/-kWword
11298Phase reactive power 1 +/-kvarword
11299Phase reactive power 2 +/-kvarword
11300Phase reactive power 3 +/-kvarword
11301Phase apparent power 1kVAword
11302Phase apparent power 2kVAword
11303Phase apparent power 3kVAword
11304Phase power factor 1 -: word
11305Phase power factor 2 -: word
11306Phase power factor 3 -: word
11310Ea+ word
11312Er+ word
11455Internal temperature sensor present word
11456Temperature module word
11457External temperature sensors (1 to 5max) word
11458Extern temperature 1 word
11459Extern temperature 2 word
11460Extern temperature 3 word
11462Extern temperature 5 word
11535Thd u12 word
11536Thd u23 word
11537Thd u31 word
11538Thd v1 word
11539Thd v2 word
11540Thd v3 word
11542Thd i2 word
11543Thd i3 word
11544Thd in word
11545Max rank word
11546Harmonic i1 row 3 word
11547Harmonic i2 row 3 word
11548Harmonic i3 row 3 word
11549Harmonic in row 3 word
11550Harmonic i1 row 5 word
11552Harmonic i3 row 5 word
11553Harmonic in row 5 word
11554Harmonic i1 row 7 word
11555Harmonic i2 row 7 word
11556Harmonic i3 row 7 word
11557Harmonic in row 7 word
11558Harmonic i1 row 9 word
11559Harmonic i2 row 9 word
11560Harmonic i3 row 9 word
11561Harmonic in row 9 word
11562Harmonic i1 row 11 word
11563Harmonic i2 row 11 word
11564Harmonic i3 row 11 word
11565Harmonic in row 11 word
11566Harmonic i1 row 13 word
11567Harmonic i2 row 13 word
11568Harmonic i3 row 13 word
11569Harmonic in row 13 word
11570Harmonic i1 row 15 word
11571Harmonic i2 row 15 word
11572Harmonic i3 row 15 word
11573Harmonic in row 15 word
11574Harmonic i1 row 17 word
11575Harmonic i2 row 17 word
11576Harmonic i3 row 17 word
11577Harmonic in row 17 word
11578Harmonic i1 row 19 word
11579Harmonic i2 row 19 word
11580Harmonic i3 row 19 word
11581Harmonic in row 19 word
11582Harmonic i1 row 21 word
11583Harmonic i2 row 21 word
11584Harmonic i3 row 21 word
11585Harmonic in row 21 word
11586Harmonic i1 row 23 word
11587Harmonic i2 row 23 word
11588Harmonic i3 row 23 word
11589Harmonic in row 23 word
11590Harmonic i1 row 25 word
11591Harmonic i2 row 25 word
11592Harmonic i3 row 25 word
11593Harmonic in row 25 word
11594Harmonic i1 row 27 word
11595Harmonic i2 row 27 word
11596Harmonic i3 row 27 word
11597Harmonic in row 27 word
11598Harmonic i1 row 29 word
11599Harmonic i2 row 29 word
11600Harmonic i3 row 29 word
11601Harmonic in row 29 word
11602Harmonic i1 row 31 word
11603Harmonic i2 row 31 word
11604Harmonic i3 row 31 word
11605Harmonic in row 31 word
11606Harmonic i1 row 33 word
11607Harmonic i2 row 33 word
11608Harmonic i3 row 33 word
11609Harmonic in row 33 word
11610Harmonic i1 row 35 word
11612Harmonic i3 row 35 word
11613Harmonic in row 35 word
11614Harmonic i1 row 37 word
11615Harmonic i2 row 37 word
11616Harmonic i3 row 37 word
11617Harmonic in row 37 word
11618Harmonic i1 row 39 word
11629Harmonic in row 43 word
11630Harmonic i1 row 45 word
11632Harmonic i3 row 45 word
11633Harmonic in row 45 word
11634Harmonic i1 row 47 word
11635Harmonic i2 row 47 word
11636Harmonic i3 row 47 word
11637Harmonic in row 47 word
11638Harmonic i1 row 49 word
11639Harmonic i2 row 49 word
11640Harmonic i3 row 49 word
11642Harmonic i1 row 51 word
11643Harmonic i2 row 51 word
11644Harmonic i3 row 51 word
11645Harmonic in row 51 word
11646Harmonic i1 row 53 word
11647Harmonic i2 row 53 word
11648Harmonic i3 row 53 word
11649Harmonic in row 53 word
11650Harmonic i1 row 55 word
11652Harmonic i3 row 55 word
11653Harmonic in row 55 word
11654Harmonic i1 row 57 word
11655Harmonic i2 row 57 word
11656Harmonic i3 row 57 word
11657Harmonic in row 57 word
11658Harmonic i1 row 59 word
11659Harmonic i2 row 59 word
11660Harmonic i3 row 59 word
11662Harmonic i1 row 61 word
11663Harmonic i2 row 61 word
11664Harmonic i3 row 61 word
11665Harmonic in row 61 word
11666Harmonic i1 row 63 word
11667Harmonic i2 row 63 word
11668Harmonic i3 row 63 word
11669Harmonic in row 63 word
11670Max rank word
11671Harmonic u12 row 3 word
11672Harmonic u23 row 3 word
11673Harmonic u31 row 3 word
11674Harmonic u12 row 5 word
11675Harmonic u23 row 5 word
11676Harmonic u31 row 5 word
11677Harmonic u12 row 7 word
11678Harmonic u23 row 7 word
11679Harmonic u31 row 7 word
11680Harmonic u12 row 9 word
11681Harmonic u23 row 9 word
11682Harmonic u31 row 9 word
11683Harmonic u12 row 11 word
11684Harmonic u23 row 11 word
11685Harmonic u31 row 11 word
11686Harmonic u12 row 13 word
11687Harmonic u23 row 13 word
11688Harmonic u31 row 13 word
11689Harmonic u12 row 15 word
11690Harmonic u23 row 15 word
11691Harmonic u31 row 15 word
11692Harmonic u12 row 17 word
11693Harmonic u23 row 17 word
11694Harmonic u31 row 17 word
11695Harmonic u12 row 19 word
11696Harmonic u23 row 19 word
11697Harmonic u31 row 19 word
11698Harmonic u12 row 21 word
11699Harmonic u23 row 21 word
11700Harmonic u31 row 21 word
11701Harmonic u12 row 23 word
11702Harmonic u23 row 23 word
11703Harmonic u31 row 23 word
11704Harmonic u12 row 25 word
11705Harmonic u23 row 25 word
11706Harmonic u31 row 25 word
11707Harmonic u12 row 27 word
11708Harmonic u23 row 27 word
11709Harmonic u31 row 27 word
11710Harmonic u12 row 29 word
11711Harmonic u23 row 29 word
11712Harmonic u31 row 29 word
11713Harmonic u12 row 31 word
11714Harmonic u23 row 31 word
11715Harmonic u31 row 31 word
11716Harmonic u12 row 33 word
11717Harmonic u23 row 33 word
11718Harmonic u31 row 33 word
11729Harmonic u23 row 41 word
11730Harmonic u31 row 41 word
11732Harmonic u23 row 43 word
11733Harmonic u31 row 43 word
11734Harmonic u12 row 45 word
11735Harmonic u23 row 45 word
11736Harmonic u31 row 45 word
11737Harmonic u12 row 47 word
11738Harmonic u23 row 47 word
11739Harmonic u31 row 47 word
11740Harmonic u12 row 49 word
11742Harmonic u31 row 49 word
11743Harmonic u12 row 51 word
11744Harmonic u23 row 51 word
11745Harmonic u31 row 51 word
11746Harmonic u12 row 53 word
11747Harmonic u23 row 53 word
11748Harmonic u31 row 53 word
11749Harmonic u12 row 55 word
11750Harmonic u23 row 55 word
11752Harmonic u12 row 57 word
11753Harmonic u23 row 57 word
11754Harmonic u31 row 57 word
11755Harmonic u12 row 59 word
11756Harmonic u23 row 59 word
11757Harmonic u31 row 59 word
11758Harmonic u12 row 61 word
11759Harmonic u23 row 61 word
11760Harmonic u31 row 61 word
11762Harmonic u23 row 63 word
11763Harmonic u31 row 63 word
11764Max rank word
11765Harmonic v1 row 3 word
11766Harmonic v2 row 3 word
11767Harmonic v3 row 3 word
11768Harmonic v1 row 5 word
11769Harmonic v2 row 5 word
11770Harmonic v3 row 5 word
11771Harmonic v1 row 7 word
11772Harmonic v2 row 7 word
11773Harmonic v3 row 7 word
11774Harmonic v1 row 9 word
11775Harmonic v2 row 9 word
11776Harmonic v3 row 9 word
11777Harmonic v1 row 11 word
11778Harmonic v2 row 11 word
11779Harmonic v3 row 11 word
11780Harmonic v1 row 13 word
11781Harmonic v2 row 13 word
11782Harmonic v3 row 13 word
11783Harmonic v1 row 15 word
11784Harmonic v2 row 15 word
11785Harmonic v3 row 15 word
11786Harmonic v1 row 17 word
11787Harmonic v2 row 17 word
11788Harmonic v3 row 17 word
11789Harmonic v1 row 19 word
11790Harmonic v2 row 19 word
11791Harmonic v3 row 19 word
11792Harmonic v1 row 21 word
11793Harmonic v2 row 21 word
11794Harmonic v3 row 21 word
11795Harmonic v1 row 23 word
11796Harmonic v2 row 23 word
11797Harmonic v3 row 23 word
11798Harmonic v1 row 25 word
11799Harmonic v2 row 25 word
11800Harmonic v3 row 25 word
11801Harmonic v1 row 27 word
11802Harmonic v2 row 27 word
11803Harmonic v3 row 27 word
11804Harmonic v1 row 29 word
11805Harmonic v2 row 29 word
11806Harmonic v3 row 29 word
11807Harmonic v1 row 31 word
11808Harmonic v2 row 31 word
11809Harmonic v3 row 31 word
11810Harmonic v1 row 33 word
11811Harmonic v2 row 33 word
11812Harmonic v3 row 33 word
11813Harmonic v1 row 35 word
11814Harmonic v2 row 35 word
11815Harmonic v3 row 35 word
11816Harmonic v1 row 37 word
11817Harmonic v2 row 37 word
11818Harmonic v3 row 37 word
11819Harmonic v1 row 39 word
11820Harmonic v2 row 39 word
11821Harmonic v3 row 39 word
11822Harmonic v1 row 41 word
11829Harmonic v2 row 45 word
11830Harmonic v3 row 45 word
11832Harmonic v2 row 47 word
11833Harmonic v3 row 47 word
11834Harmonic v1 row 49 word
11835Harmonic v2 row 49 word
11836Harmonic v3 row 49 word
11837Harmonic v1 row 51 word
11838Harmonic v2 row 51 word
11839Harmonic v3 row 51 word
11840Harmonic v1 row 53 word
11842Harmonic v3 row 53 word
11843Harmonic v1 row 55 word
11844Harmonic v2 row 55 word
11845Harmonic v3 row 55 word
11846Harmonic v1 row 57 word
11847Harmonic v2 row 57 word
11848Harmonic v3 row 57 word
11849Harmonic v1 row 59 word
11850Harmonic v2 row 59 word
11852Harmonic v1 row 61 word
11853Harmonic v2 row 61 word
11854Harmonic v3 row 61 word
11855Harmonic v1 row 63 word
11856Harmonic v2 row 63 word
11857Harmonic v3 row 63 word

Socomec (DIRIS I31) data logging
Socomec (DIRIS U10) data logging
Socomec (DIRIS U20) data logging
Socomec (DIRIS U30) data logging
Socomec Countis E03 data logging
Socomec Countis E04 data logging
Socomec Countis E13 data logging
Socomec Countis E14 data logging
Socomec Countis E23 data logging
Socomec Countis E24 data logging
Socomec Countis E33 E43 data logging
Socomec Countis E34 E44 data logging
Socomec Countis E50 E53 E50R E53R data logging
Socomec Countis E63 data logging
Socomec Countis ECI2 data logging
Socomec Countis ECI3 data logging
Socomec DIRIS A20 modbus data logging
Socomec DIRIS A40-A41-RS485 data logging
Socomec Masterys data logging
Socomec NETYS PR NETYS RT ITYS data logging

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