Socomec NETYS PR NETYS RT ITYS data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
96Broadcast, load phase 1 (M00)%word
99Broadcast, total load (M03)%word
100Broadcast, battery capacity (M04)%word
102Broadcast, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
105Broadcast, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
111Broadcast, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
114Broadcast, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
115Broadcast, output frequency (M19)Hzword
116Broadcast, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
118Broadcast, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
119Broadcast, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
129Broadcast, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
4192Concentrator, load phase 1 (M00)%word
4195Concentrator, total load (M03)%word
4196Concentrator, battery capacity (M04)%word
4198Concentrator, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
4201Concentrator, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
4207Concentrator, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
4210Concentrator, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
4211Concentrator, output frequency (M19)Hzword
4212Concentrator, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
4214Concentrator, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
4215Concentrator, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
4225Concentrator, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
8288Module 1, load phase 1 (M00)%word
8291Module 1, total load (M03)%word
8292Module 1, battery capacity (M04)%word
8294Module 1, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
8297Module 1, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
8303Module 1, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
8306Module 1, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
8307Module 1, output frequency (M19)Hzword
8308Module 1, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
8310Module 1, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
8311Module 1, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
8321Module 1, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
12384Module 2, load phase 1 (M00)%word
12387Module 2, total load (M03)%word
12388Module 2, battery capacity (M04)%word
12390Module 2, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
12393Module 2, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
12399Module 2, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
12402Module 2, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
12403Module 2, output frequency (M19)Hzword
12404Module 2, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
12406Module 2, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
12407Module 2, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
12417Module 2, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
16480Module 3, load phase 1 (M00)%word
16483Module 3, total load (M03)%word
16484Module 3, battery capacity (M04)%word
16486Module 3, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
16489Module 3, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
16495Module 3, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
16498Module 3, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
16499Module 3, output frequency (M19)Hzword
16500Module 3, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
16502Module 3, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
16503Module 3, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
16513Module 3, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
20576Module 4, load phase 1 (M00)%word
20579Module 4, total load (M03)%word
20580Module 4, battery capacity (M04)%word
20582Module 4, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
20585Module 4, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
20591Module 4, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
20594Module 4, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
20595Module 4, output frequency (M19)Hzword
20596Module 4, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
20598Module 4, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
20599Module 4, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
20609Module 4, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword
24672Module 5, load phase 1 (M00)%word
24675Module 5, total load (M03)%word
24676Module 5, battery capacity (M04)%word
24678Module 5, auxiliary mains star voltage v1 (M06)%word
24681Module 5, output star voltage v1 (M09)Vword
24687Module 5, output current phase l1 (M15)Aword
24690Module 5, auxiliary frequency (M18)Hzword
24691Module 5, output frequency (M19)Hzword
24692Module 5, positive battery voltage (M20)Vword
24694Module 5, internal UPS temperature (M22)DCword
24695Module 5, remaining back-up time (M23)Minutesword
24705Module 5, input mains star voltage v1 (M33)Vword

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