YTL (5300) logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Meter ID single
3Baud rate single
4Software version single
6Hardware version single
9S0 output rate single
11Combined code single
13Cycle time single
14L1 voltage single
16L2 voltage single
18L3 voltage single
20Grid frequency single
22L1 current single
24L2 current single
26L3 current single
28Total active power single
30L1 active power single
32L2 active power single
34L3 active power single
36Total reactive power single
38L1 reactive power single
40L2 reactive power single
42L3 reactive power single
44Total apparent power single
46L1 apparent power single
48L2 apparent power single
50L3 apparent power single
52Total power factor single
54Power factor single
56Power factor single
58Power factor single
60Time single
64Season ON/OFF single
65CRC CODE single
256Total active energy single
258L1 total active energy single
260L2 total active energy single
262L3 total active energy single
264Forward active energy single
266L1 forward active energy single
268L2 forward active energy single
270L3 forward active energy single
272Reverse active energy single
274L1 reverse active energy single
276L2 reverse active energy single
278L3 reverse active energy single
280Total reactive energy single
282L1 reactive energy single
284L2 reactive energy single
286L3 reactive energy single
288Forward reactive energy single
290L1 forward reactive energy single
292L2 forward reactive energy single
294L3 forward reactive energy single
296Reverse reactive energy single
298L1 reverse reactive energy single
300L2 reverse reactive energy single
302L3 reverse reactive energy single
304T1 total active energy single
306T1 forward active energy single
308T1 reverse active energy single
310T1 total reactive energy single
312T1 forward reactive energy single
314T1 reverse reactive energy single
316T2 total active energy single
318T2 forward active energy single
320T2 reverse active energy single
322T2 total reactive energy single
324T2 forward reactive energy single
326T2 reverse reactive energy single
328T3 total active energy single
330T3 forward active energy single
332T3 reverse active energy single
334T3 total reactive energy single
336T3 forward reactive energy single
338T3 reverse reactive energy single
340T4 total active energy single
342T4 forward active energy single
344T4 reverse active energy single
346T4 total reactive energy single
348T4 forward reactive energy single
350T4 reverse reactive energy single
768TIME interval 1 single
780TIME interval 2 single
792TIME interval 3 single
804TIME interval 4 single
816TIME interval 5 single
828TIME interval 6 single
840TIME interval 7 single
852TIME interval 8 single
864TIME zone single

YTL (5300) data logging
YTL (DDS353H,5281,5282,5283) data logging

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