DNC and CNC setting for Dialog-2

These settings are for the DNC Precision software only. They may not work with other software.

Set the following parameters on the machine

The machine parameters can be set using the DIP switches available on the control panel.
This machine does not have an RS232C interface. K5 connector is available for audio interface must be connected to a DB-25 connector (which must be fixed to the panel)
6 connect with 20

Set the following parameters on the PC

Serial port tab

Machine nameDialog-2
Serial portCOM2 (or any free COM port)
Data bits7
Stop bits2

Data flow control tab

Use DTRFalse
Use RTSTrue
Require DSRFalse
Require CTSTrue
Set RTSFalse
Set DTRFalse
Software flowcontrolNone
Xon char#11
Xoff char#13

Data exchange format tab

Format modeUniform
Format parametersProgram start:
Program end: M30
Line start:
Line end: #0D#0A
Skip lines: ;
Ignore characters: No characters for remove
Remove blank lines: Yes
Program name prefix:
Program starting characters in the file: No
Program ending characters in the file: Yes


If you have successfully connected DNC Precision with any other controller not in this list, we would appreciate your sending us the details to add to the list.

Note: We are not responsible and do not provide guarantee for any of these settings, that have been sent us by our customers.