COM Port Emulator Software for a COM port, RS232 port, or serial port

Brief description:

We offer two products that can emulate or simulate a COM port, RS232 port, or serial port.

  • Virtual Null Modem - it creates virtual COM ports locally
  • TCP COM Bridge - it makes virtual serial ports locally too, but it can also receive data traffic from a remote computer.

COM Port Emulator

COM port emulator can be configured in our Virtual Null Modem software. It can create a pair of virtual COM ports that work on all OS up to Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019.

Emulated virtual COM ports appear in Windows' Devices Manager. Other applications can detect these COM ports and send or receive data.

For example, Putty or Advanced Serial Port Monitor can work with these ports without any problems.

Emulated COM ports

RS232 Emulator

An RS232 emulator should simulate hardware flow control lines (RTS, CTS, etc.) that distinguish an RS232 simulator from simple COM port emulators.

RS232 port simulation in our Virtual Null Modem software includes options to select a hardware flow control wires layout.

COM ports created in RS232 emulator

RS2323 simulator takes into account the current state of RS232 signals and pauses data tranfer if necessary.

Serial Port Emulator

Serial Port Emulator combines COM Port Emulator and RS232 simulator features because a serial port is a serial communication interface that can be implemented using COM or RS232 port.

COM Port Data Emulator

We develop the free version of the COM Port Data Emulator. Apart from our RS232 or COM simulators, this software does not create virtual ports. It generates and sends data traffic through existing COM, RS232, or serial ports.

The program can get generated data from a text or binary file. Or it can send data packets specified in the program window.

It is useful when you test your application or other software.