SQL Database Connector plugin for Accurate Printer Monitor

Latest version: 4.1.12 build 703. July 3, 2024.

The "SQL Database Professional" data export module for Accurate Printer Monitor is used for exporting data into SQL-compatible databases Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQLSQLBase, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, Interbase, Firebird.

The plugin uses the direct driver access methods provided by the developer of the corresponding database. It reduces system requirements, lower the traffic between database clients and servers, and allows you to use features unique for every database (for example, stored procedures in Microsoft SQLServer or Oracle).

If our module does not support direct access to some database, it is possible to work through the ODBC driver that is also supported by our module. Unlike our other module for ODBC Databases, this module provides broader opportunities for controlling the database connection and executing custom SQL queries.

In this module, the user has to create SQL queries himself. If necessary, the user can form a queue of SQL queries that should be executed one after another.

To do it, the user must have certain skills, but it allows him to implement ideas and tasks unavailable in our program before, such as:

  • Using stored procedures and other programmable database objects for recording data;
  • Using functions and custom data types;
  • Recording data into the tables that have links to other tables.

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