GE Fanuc Automation PLC connector plugin for Advanced Serial Data Logger

Latest version: 4.0.50 build 415. April 16, 2024.

Our plugin allows you to read data from the wide range of GE Fanuc Automation PLCs. It allows reading data from all memory types you can access in your PLC programs. The plugin supports CMM Master-Slave, CMM Peer-to-Peer, SNP, and SNP-X protocols.

The SNP protocol is a proprietary communications protocol developed by GE Fanuc Automation. It is the native communications protocol for all models of the Series 90 PLC product line.

The SNP-X protocol is a highly optimized extension of SNP. While it offers fewer functions than SNP, SNP-X is simpler to use and provides a significant performance improvement over SNP. It does not support PLC programming or configuration operations.

CCM protocol is included in the EPROM firmware for both the Series 90-70 and Series 90-30 CMM modules. The CCM protocol was originally developed for the Series Six Communications Control Module (CCM) and is available on most GE Fanuc PLCs.

Supported devices:

  • Series GE Micro
  • Series 90-30 311
  • Series 90-30 313
  • Series 90-30 331
  • Series 90-30 341
  • Series 90-30 350
  • Series 90-30 360
  • Series 90-70 731
  • Series 90-70 732
  • Series 90-70 771
  • Series 90-70 772
  • Series 90-70 781
  • Series 90-70 782
  • GE OPEN - Wide range model support
  • Series Five
  • Series Six CCM2 - including Expanded I/O.

This module has the following features:

  • Can send a valid data request to any S7-compatible device;
  • CRC for each data packet will be calculated and verified automatically;
  • Can poll PLC data by a custom interval;
  • Can flexibly parse all received data packets and extract register's values.
  • Memory Types Supported: I, Q, G, M, S, SA, SB, SC, R, AI, AQ (depends on PLC)

The tutorials section contains several examples of how to configure the MODBUS plugin that is very familiar with this plugin.

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