Siemems Simatic S5,S7 plugin for Advanced Serial Data Logger

Latest version: 4.0.50 build 415. April 16, 2024.

The Multi-Point Interface Siemens (MPI) is a proprietary interface of the programmable logic controller SIMATIC S7 of the company Siemens. It is used for connecting computers, operator consoles, and other devices in the SIMATIC family.

Our plugin allows to exchange data with Siemens PLCs: S7-200, 300, and 400 families. It has also been successfully tested with a Speed7 CPU. The plugin can also be used with S7-compatible PLCs from SAIA. It allows reading data from all memory areas and variables you can access in your PLC programs. For example, flags, data blocks, input and output image memory, timers, and counters.

Supported interfaces:

  • MPI for S7 300/400
  • PPI for S7 200
  • ISO over TCP
  • ISO over TCP with CP243
  • MPI with IBH NetLink MPI to ethernet gateway

This module has the following features:

  • Can send a valid data request to any S7-compatible device;
  • CRC for each data packet will be calculated and verified automatically;
  • Can poll PLC data by a custom interval;
  • Can flexibly parse all received data packets and extract register's values.

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How to enable this plugin

The figure below shows how to select the plugin on the "Modules" page.

Selecting the plugin

Fig.1. Selecting the plugin.

How to configure the plugin

The figure below shows how to configure the plugin. Please, look at the documentation for the full description of all settings.

Configuring the plugin

Fig.2. Configuring the plugin.