Advanced Serial Data Logger

Trust In Confidence!

For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.5.9 build 623. .

Scheduler & Hotkeys

Latest version: 4.0.45 build 609. .

The "Scheduler & Hotkeys" module for Advanced Serial Data Logger is designed to perform tasks according to the predefined schedule or when the hotkey is pressed. For example, it allows you to collect data only at certain hours or when the operator needs it. The list of supported tasks includes opening and closing data sources (e.g., COM or TCP ports), sending data, generating internal program events, or creating a new log file.

The following example demonstrates how to open a COM port, send a request, receive some data, and close the port.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

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