Hager (ECN,ECP,ECT,ECM,ECR,ECA) logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
45056V, L1 NVword
45057V, L2 NVword
45058V, L3 NVword
45059V, L1 L2Vword
45060V, L2 L3Vword
45061V, L3 L1Vword
45063Not usedHzword
45064Not usedHzword
45065I, L1mAdword
45067I, L2mAdword
45069I, L3mAdword
45071I, neutralmAdword
45073P, sum LKWinteger
45075Q, sum Lkvarinteger
45077S, sum LKvAdword
45079Pf, sum L iec smallint
45080Pf, sum L ieee smallint
45081P, L1KWinteger
45083P, L2KWinteger
45085P, L3KWinteger
45087Q, L1kvarinteger
45089Q, L2kvarinteger
45091Q, L3kvarinteger
45093S, L1KvAdword
45095S, L2KvAdword
45097S, L3KvAdword
45099Pf, L1 iec smallint
45100Pf, L2 iec smallint
45101Pf, L3 iec smallint
45102Pf, L1 ieee smallint
45103Pf, L2 ieee smallint
45104Pf, L3 ieee smallint
45152Ea+, sum TkWhdword
45154Er+, sum Tkvarhdword
45156Ea , sum TkWhdword
45158Er , sum Tkvarhdword
45160P_ea+, sum TkWhdword
45162P_ea , sum TkWhdword
45184Ea+, m1, sum TkWhdword
45186Ea+, m2, sum TkWhdword
45188Ea+, m3, sum TkWhdword
45190Ea , m1, sum TkWhdword
45192Ea , m2, sum TkWhdword
45194Ea , m3, sum TkWhdword
45196P_ea+, m1, sum TkWhdword
45198P_ea+, m2, sum TkWhdword
45200P_ea+, m3, sum TkWhdword
45202P_ea , m1, sum TkWhdword
45204P_ea , m2, sum TkWhdword
45206P_ea , m3, sum TkWhdword
45248Ea+, T1kWhdword
45250Ea+, T2kWhdword
45252Ea+, T3kWhdword
45254Ea+, T4kWhdword
45256Ea+, T5kWhdword
45258Ea+, T6kWhdword
45260Ea+, T7kWhdword
45262Ea+, T8kWhdword
45264Ea , T1kWhdword
45266Ea , T2kWhdword
45268Ea , T3kWhdword
45270Ea , T4kWhdword
45272Ea , T5kWhdword
45274Ea , T6kWhdword
45276Ea , T7kWhdword
45278Ea , T8kWhdword
45280Er+, T1kvarhdword
45282Er+, T2kvarhdword
45284Er+, T3kvarhdword
45286Er+, T4kvarhdword
45288Er+, T5kvarhdword
45290Er+, T6kvarhdword
45292Er+, T7kvarhdword
45294Er+, T8kvarhdword
45296Er , T1kvarhdword
45298Er , T2kvarhdword
45300Er , T3kvarhdword
45302Er , T4kvarhdword
45304Er , T5kvarhdword
45306Er , T6kvarhdword
45308Er , T7kvarhdword
45310Er , T8kvarhdword
45440Ea+, L1kWhdword
45442Ea+, L2kWhdword
45444Ea+, L3kWhdword
45446Ea , L1kWhdword
45448Ea , L2kWhdword
45450Ea , L3kWhdword
45452Er+, L1kvarhdword
45454Er+, L2kvarhdword
45456Er+, L3kvarhdword
45458Er , L1kvarhdword
45460Er , L2kvarhdword
45462Er , L3kvarhdword

Hager (ECN,ECP,ECT,ECM,ECR,ECA) data logging

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