Meatrol (MP440) data logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
990 = direct connect 1 = VT word
1000Current phase AAsingle
1002Current phase BAsingle
1004Current phase CAsingle
1006Current phase NAsingle
1008Average of IA, IB, ICAsingle
1010Voltage UA-UNVsingle
1012Voltage UB-UNVsingle
1014Voltage UC-UNVsingle
1016Voltage UN-UEVsingle
1018Average of UA, UB, UCVsingle
1020Voltage UA-UBVsingle
1022Voltage UB-UCVsingle
1024Voltage UC-UAVsingle
1026Average of UAB, UBC, UCAVsingle
1028Active power phase AkWsingle
1030Active power phase BkWsingle
1032Active power phase CkWsingle
1034Total active powerkWsingle
1036Reactive power phase AkVARsingle
1038Reactive power phase BkVARsingle
1040Reactive power phase CkVARsingle
1042Total reactive powerkVARsingle
1044Apparent power phase AkVAsingle
1046Apparent power phase BkVAsingle
1048Apparent power phase CkVAsingle
1050Total apparent powerkVAsingle
1052Power factor phase A single
1054Power factor phase B single
1056Power factor phase C single
1058Total power factor single
1060Displacement power factor phase A single
1062Displacement power factor phase B single
1064Displacement power factor phase C single
1066Total displacement power factor single
1068Frequency phase AHzsingle
1070Frequency phase BHzsingle
1072Frequency phase CHzsingle
1074Average of FreqA, FreqB, FreqCHzsingle
2000Active energy import phase AkWhdword
2002Active energy import phase BkWhdword
2004Active energy import phase CkWhdword
2006Total active energy import phase allkWhdword
2008Active energy export phase AkWhdword
2010Active energy export phase BkWhdword
2012Active energy export phase CkWhdword
2014Total active energy export phase allkWhdword
2016Reactive energy import phase AkVARhdword
2018Reactive energy import phase BkVARhdword
2020Reactive energy import phase CkVARhdword
2022Reactive active energy import phase allkVARhdword
2024Reactive energy export phase AkVARhdword
2026Reactive energy export phase BkVARhdword
2028Reactive energy export phase CkVARhdword
2030Total reactive energy export phase allkVARhdword
2032Apparent energy import phase AkVAhdword
2034Apparent energy import phase BkVAhdword
2036Apparent energy import phase CkVAhdword
2038Apparent active energy import phase allkVAhdword
2040Apparent energy export phase AkVAhdword
2042Apparent energy export phase BkVAhdword
2044Apparent energy export phase CkVAhdword
2046Total apparent energy export phase allkVAhdword
2500Active energy import phase AWhint64
2504Active energy import phase BWhint64
2508Active energy import phase CWhint64
2512Total active energy import phase allWhint64
2516Active energy export phase AWhint64
2520Active energy export phase BWhdword
2524Active energy export phase CWhint64
2528Total active energy export phase allWhint64
2532Reactive energy import phase AVARhint64
2536Reactive energy import phase BVARhint64
2540Reactive energy import phase CVARhint64
2544Reactive active energy import phase allVARhint64
2548Reactive energy export phase AVARhint64
2552Reactive energy export phase BVARhint64
2556Reactive energy export phase CVARhint64
2560Total reactive energy export phase allVARhint64
2564Apparent energy import phase AVAhint64
2568Apparent energy import phase BVAhint64
2572Apparent energy import phase CVAhint64
2576Apparent active energy import phase allVAhint64
2580Apparent energy export phase AVAhint64
2584Apparent energy export phase BVAhint64
2588Apparent energy export phase CVAhint64
2592Total apparent energy export phase allVAhint64
30000=fixed 1=sliding word
3020Active power demand phase AkWsingle
3022Peak active power demand phase AkWsingle
3028Active power demand phase BkWsingle
3030Peak active power demand phase BkWsingle
3036Active power demand phase CkWsingle
3038Peak active power demand phase CkWsingle
3044Total active power demandkWsingle
3046Peak total active power demandkWsingle
3052Reactive power demand phase AkVarsingle
3054Peak reactive power demandkVarsingle
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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