IEC 62056-21 plugin for Log Monitor & Export

Latest version: 4.0.14 build 415. April 16, 2024.

The "IEC 62056-21" module is designed to read data from IEC 62056-21 compatible devices through RS232 or RS485 data interfaces (you need the Opto-to-RS232 converter to read data from optical probes). The module can poll all listed devices and their measured values at regular intervals. The received values are passed to the main program, where they can be, for example, logged or written to a database.

For example, the following devices can send data using this communication protocol:

Satec EM720

Iskra Emeco MT174, MT371, MT372, MT860, MT880

Elgama-Elektronika GAMA 300



The plugin supports modes A, B, C and D. The plugin does not support the mode E. The plugin executes the "Readout" command to get all values at once.

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How to enable this plugin

The figure below shows how to select the plugin on the "Modules" page.

Selecting the plugin

Fig.1. Selecting the plugin.

How to configure the plugin

The figure below shows how to configure the plugin. Please, look at the documentation for the full description of all settings.

Configuring the plugin

Fig.2. Configuring the plugin.