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The following data will be logged from Cisco Call Manager (CSV) v10. The program can extract several data fields: Cdr Record Type, Date Time Origination, Date Time Origination, Original Node Id, Calling Party Number, Destination Node Id, Original Called Party Number, Final Called Party Number, Pkid, Duration, Authorization Code Value, Call duration, Direction, Call type, Dialed phone, Caller phone, Trunk, Extension, Global CallID call Manager Id, Global CallID call Id, Original Leg Call Identifier, Original Span, Original Ip Addr, Calling Party Unicode Login UserID, Original Cause location, Original Cause value, Original Precedence Level, Original Media Transport Address IP, Original Media Transport Address Port, Original Media Cap payload Capability, Original Media Cap max Frames Per Packet, Original Media Cap g723 Bit Rate, Original Video Cap Codec, Original Video Cap Bandwidth, Original Video Cap Resolution, Original Video Transport Address IP, Original Video Transport Address Port, Original RSVP Audio Stat, Original RSVP Video Stat, Destination Leg Identifier, Destination Span, Destination Ip Addr, Final Called Party Unicode Login UserID, Destination Cause location, Destination Cause value, Destination Precedence Level, Destination Media Transport Address IP, Destination Media Transport Address Port, Destination Media Cap payload Capability, Destination Media Cap max Frames Per Packet, Destination Media Cap g723 Bit Rate, Destination Video Cap Codec, Destination Video Cap Bandwidth, Destination Video Cap Resolution, Destination Video Transport Address IP, Destination Video Transport Address Port, Destination RSVP Audio Stat, Destination RSVP Video Stat, Date Time Connect, Date Time Disconnect, Last Redirect Dn, Original inal Called Party Number Partition, Calling Party Number Partition, Final Called Party Number Partition, Last Redirect Dn Partition, Original Device Name, Destination Device Name, Original Call Termination On Behalf Of, Destination Call Termination On Behalf Of, Original Called Party Redirect On Behalf Of, Last Redirect Redirect On Behalf Of, Original Called Party Redirect Reason, Last Redirect Redirect Reason, Destination Conversation Id, Global Call Id ClusterID, Join On Behalf Of, Comment, Auth Code Description, Authorization Level, Client Matter Code, Original DTMF Method, Destination DTMF Method, Call Secured Status, Original Conversation Id, Original Media Cap Bandwidth, Destination Media Cap Bandwidth, Outpulsed Calling Party Number, Outpulsed Called Party Number, Original Ipv4v6 Addr, Destination Ipv4v6 Addr, Original Video Cap Codec Channel2, Original Video Cap Bandwidth Channel2, Original Video Cap Resolution Channel2, Original Video Transport Address IP Channel2, Original Video Transport Address Port Channel2, Original Video Channel Role Channel2, Destination Video Cap Codec Channel2, Destination Video Cap Bandwidth Channel2, Destination Video Cap Resolution Channel2, Destination Video Transport Address IP Channel2, Destination Video Transport Address Port Channel2, Destination Video Channel Role Channel2, Incoming ProtocolID, Incoming Protocol Call Ref, Outgoing ProtocolID, Outgoing Protocol Call Ref, Current Routing Reason, Original Routing Reason, Last Redirecting Routing Reason, Hunt Pilot Partition, Hunt PilotDN, Called Party Pattern Usage, IncomingICID, Incoming OrigIOI, Incoming TermIOI, OutgoingICID, Outgoing OrigIOI, Outgoing TermIOI, Outpulsed Original Called Party Number, Outpulsed Last Redirecting Number, Was Call Queued, Total Wait Time In Queue, Calling Party Number uri, Original inal Called Party Number uri, Final Called Party Number uri, Last Redirect Dn uri, Mobile Calling Party Number, Final Mobile Called Party Number, Original Mobile Device Name, Destination Mobile Device Name, Original Mobile Call Duration, Destination Mobile Call Duration, Mobile Call Type, Original inal Called Party Pattern, Final Called Party Pattern, Last Redirecting Party Pattern, Hunt Pilot Pattern.

Your telephone system (or PBX, PABX) produces a packet of data (a call record) after every phone call your company or office makes through it. These call records contain important information about each call, including whether it was an incoming call, and outgoing call, or another type, such as an internal (extension to extension) call.

Call log records from Cisco Call Manager contain information about the caller phone and the dealed phone, as well as extra information such as the call duration, the time of the call, and other information, such as which telephone line (trunk) was used to carry the call.

The usual practice of Cisco Call Manager call logging involves capturing these call records, parsing it, and storing them in a database, and their subsequent retrieval by way of a reporting interface.

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