Data parser module for ADAM, ICP-CON and NuDAM devices plugin for Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger

Latest version: 4.0.99 build 415. April 16, 2024.

Several manufacturers offer modules for controlling and collecting data. These modules implement the functions of analog-and-digital, digital-and-analog, digital input/output, timers/counters, etc. Modules can be controlled remotely with the help of commands that are called the DCON protocol. Data exchange between the module and the host is maintained in the ASCII format via a bidirectional communication line of the RS-485 standard.

The plugin can read and process the current values from various DAQ modules. At the same time, it checks the checksum of data packets, extracts values from responses into parser's variables. You can later use these variables in data export modules.

This module for Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger supports the following types of DAQ modules:

ICP-CON I-7000 from the ICP DAS

ICPCON I-7005 (8-channel thermistor input and 6-channel digital output module)

ICPCON I-7011 (Single channel analog input module with DOx2, DIx1)

ICPCON I-7012 (Single channel analog input module with DOx2, DIx1)

ICPCON I-7013(D) (Single channel RTD input module)

ICPCON I-7014 (Single channel analog input module with linear mapping, DOx2, DIx1)

ICPCON I-7015(D) (6-channel RTD input module)

ICPCON I-7016 (D) (ADC/DAC module with DOx4,DIx1)

ICPCON I-7017 (8-channel voltage and current input module)

ICPCON I-7018 (8-channel voltage, current and thermocouple input module)

ICPCON I-7019 (8-channel voltage, current, and thermocouple input module, with various types of inputs)

ICPCON I-7033(D) (3-channel RTD input module)

ICPCON I-7041 (DIO module, DIx14)

ICPCON I-7042 (DIO module, DOx13)

ICPCON I-7043 (DIO module, DOx16)

ICPCON I-7044 (DIO module, DIx4, DOx8)

ICPCON I-7045 (DIO module, DOx16)

ICPCON I-7050 (DIO module, DIx7, DOx8)

ICPCON I-7051 (DIO module, DIx16)

ICPCON I-7052 (DIO module, DIx8)

ICPCON I-7053 (DIO module, DIx16)

ICPCON I-7055 (DIO module, DIx8, DOx8)

ICPCON I-7058 (DIO module, DIx8)

ICPCON I-7059 (DIO module, DIx8)

ICPCON I-7060 (DIO module, DIx4, DOx4)

ICPCON I-7063 (DIO module, DIx8, DOx3)

ICPCON I-7065 (DIO module, DIx4, DOx5)

ICPCON I-7066 (DIO module, DOx7)

ICPCON I-7067 (DIO module, DOx7)

ICPCON I-7080 (2 channel counter with DOx2)

ICPCON I-7083 (3 axis, 32-bit encoder counter)

ADAM-4000 series from the Advantech

ADAM 4013 (Single channel RTD input module)

ADAM 4015 (6-channel RTD input module)

ADAM 4016 (ADC/DAC module with DOx4,DIx1)

ADAM 4017 (8-channel analog input module)

ADAM 4018 (8-channel analog input module)

ADAM 4050 (DIO module, DIx7, DOx8)

ADAM 4051 (DIO module, DIx16)

ADAM 4052 (DIO module, DIx8)

ADAM 4053 (DIO module, DIx16)

ADAM 4055 (DIO module, DIx8, DOx8)

ADAM 4080 (Counter/Frequency input module)

NuDAM-6000 series from the ADLINK Technology Inc.

NuDAM 6013 (Single channel RTD input module)

NuDAM 6015 (6-channel RTD input module)

NuDAM 6016 (ADC/DAC module with DOx4,DIx1)

NuDAM 6017 (8-channel analog input module)

NuDAM 6018 (8-channel analog input module)

NuDAM 6050 (DIO module, DIx7, DOx8)

NuDAM 6051 (DIO module, DIx16)

NuDAM 6052 (DIO module, DIx8)

NuDAM 6053 (DIO module, DIx16)

NuDAM 6055 (DIO module, DIx8, DOx8)

NuDAM 6080 (Counter/Frequency input module)

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