Allworx. SMDR/CDR data format and connection settings

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced PBX Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

Allworx 24x/Allworx 6x

Advanced PBX Data Logger connects to the Allworx 24x/6x using the following the TCP client mode. Follow these step-by-step instructions to properly configure your Allworx 24x/6x:

1. Open the Allworx Administrator web interface (<Allworx system IP>:8080 in your browser).

2. Go to Home > Reports > Call Details > Call Details Settings.

3. Verify that your Allworx is configured to store live & completed calls, stream live & completed calls and that the "Call Detail Streaming Port" is set to "16366"

Call details

If necessary, click on the modify link on the top of the page to edit your configuration. Set the "Call Detail Storage and Call Detail Streaming" to "Live and Completed Calls". Also make sure that the "Call Detail Streaming Port" is set to "16366". When you are finished, click the "Update" button to save your changes.

Call details modify

Configuring PBX Data Logger as a TCP client

Our software should work in the TCP client mode. It means that our software will initiate connection with the PBX and the PBX will work as a server. Add one or several PBX IP addresses here (the IP address of the (none)). The port number should match the port that you have defined within the PBX (16366 in the example below).

1. Add a new configuration with the TCP data source (if you didn't it before).

TCP/IP Data Interface

2. Configure the TCP settings as shown below.

TCP Client Mode - Allworx System


Selecting the correct parser for Allworx

Parser Selection For (none)



Data items

DescriptionData typeColumn name
Call IDstringFLAG4
Call leg IDstringFLAG5
Is liveintegerFLAG6
Call typeintegerCALL_TYPE
Call timedatetimeCALL_TIME
Call duration (s)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Call durationdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Source devicestringSOURCE_DEVICE
Source device namestringSOURCE_DEVICE_NAME
Destination devicestringDEST_DEVICE
Destination device namestringDEST_DEVICE_NAME
Caller namestringFLAG1
Called namestringFLAG2
Caller numberstringCALLER_PHONE
Called namestringCALLED_NAME
Dialed numberstringDIALED_PHONE

Interested in reports for PBX usage?

We offer the versatile PBX Reports utility, which comes with manual, scheduled, and email reports, a built-in web server, and other functionalities. You can implement your call accounting system for Allworx. Look here

Want PBX call logs in a database?

The logger's standard feature includes the real-time capture and exportation of SMDR or CDR data to your database.. Follow this link

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