AudioCodes Gateway (Extended). SMDR/CDR data format and connection settings

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced PBX Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

The parser is degisned for the following exact fields order. The configuration process is similar to AudioCodes Mediant 1000.

Call ID
Session ID
Report Type
Leg ID
Endpoint Type
Call Orig
Source IP
Destination IP
Remote IP
Source Port
Dest Port
Remote Port
Call Duration
Termination Side
Termination Raison
Setup Time
Connect Time
Release Time
Redirect Reason
IP Group Name
Transport Type
Termination Reason Category
IP Profile Name
Media Realm Name
SIP Termination Reason
SIP Termination Description
Caller Display ID
Callee Display ID
SIPInterface Name
Termination Side Yes No
ProxySet Name
Call Succes
Coder Type
Local Packet Loss
Local Round Trip Delay
Local Jitter
Remote Packet Loss
Remote Round Trip Delay
Remote Jitter
Local RTP IP
Local RTP Port
Remote RTP IP
Remote RTP Port
RTP IP DiffServ
Local MOS CQ
Latched RTP IP
Latched RTP Port
Coder Transcoding
MC Name
Source URI
Destination URI
Source URI Before Manipulation
Destination URI Before Manipula
Redirect URI
Redirect URI Before Manipulatio
Source Username
Destination Username
Source Username Before Manipula
Destination Username Before Man
Source Host
Destination Host
Source Host Before Manipulation
Destination Host Before Manipul
Remote SIP User Agent

Selecting the correct parser for AudioCodes Gateway (Extended)

Parser Selection For (none)

AudioCodes Gateway (Extended)

AudioCodes Gateway (Extended)

Data items

DescriptionData typeColumn name
Call typestringCALL_TYPE
Call timedatetimeCALL_TIME
Connect timedatetimeCONNECT_TIME
Release timedatetimeRELEASE_TIME
Call IdentifierstringFLAG6
Call OriginatorstringFLAG5
Caller phonestringCALLER_PHONE
Source URLstringFLAG1
Destination URLstringFLAG2
Call duration (sec)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Call durationdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Termination ReasonstringFLAG7
Caller Display IDstringFLAG3
Callee Display IDstringFLAG4
Call IDstringCALL_ID
Session IDstringSESSION_ID
Report TypestringREPORT_TYPE
Leg IDstringLEG_ID
Endpoint TypestringENDPOINT_TYPE
Call OrigstringCALL_ORIG
Source IPstringSOURCE_IP
Destination IPstringDESTINATION_IP
Remote IPstringREMOTE_IP
Source PortstringSOURCE_PORT
Dest PortstringDEST_PORT
Remote PortstringREMOTE_PORT
Termination SidestringTERMINATION_SIDE
Termination RaisonstringTERMINATION_RAISON
Redirect ReasonstringREDIRECT_REASON
IP Group NamestringIP_GROUP_NAME
Transport TypestringTRANSPORT_TYPE
Termination Reason CategorystringTERMINATION_REASON_CATEGORY
IP Profile NamestringIP_PROFILE_NAME
Media Realm NamestringMEDIA_REALM_NAME
SIP Termination ReasonstringSIP_TERMINATION_REASON
SIP Termination DescriptionstringSIP_TERMINATION_DESCRIPTION
Caller Display IDstringCALLER_DISPLAY_ID
Callee Display IDstringCALLEE_DISPLAY_ID
Termination Side Yes NostringTERMINATION_SIDE_YES_NO
ProxySet NamestringPROXYSET_NAME
Call SuccesstringCALL_SUCCES
Coder TypestringCODER_TYPE
Local Packet LossstringLOCAL_PACKET_LOSS
Local Round Trip DelaystringLOCAL_ROUND_TRIP_DELAY
Local JitterstringLOCAL_JITTER
Remote Packet LossstringREMOTE_PACKET_LOSS
Remote Round Trip DelaystringREMOTE_ROUND_TRIP_DELAY
Remote JitterstringREMOTE_JITTER
Local RTP PortstringLOCAL_RTP_PORT
Remote RTP PortstringREMOTE_RTP_PORT
Latched RTP PortstringLATCHED_RTP_PORT
Coder TranscodingstringCODER_TRANSCODING
MC NamestringMC_NAME
Source URIstringSOURCE_URI
Destination URIstringDESTINATION_URI
Source URI Before ManipulationstringSOURCE_URI_BEFORE_MANIPULATION
Destination URI Before ManipulastringDESTINATION_URI_BEFORE_MANIPULA
Redirect URIstringREDIRECT_URI
Redirect URI Before ManipulatiostringREDIRECT_URI_BEFORE_MANIPULATIO
Source UsernamestringSOURCE_USERNAME
Destination UsernamestringDESTINATION_USERNAME
Source Username Before ManipulastringSOURCE_USERNAME_BEFORE_MANIPULA
Destination Username Before ManstringDESTINATION_USERNAME_BEFORE_MAN
Source HoststringSOURCE_HOST
Destination HoststringDESTINATION_HOST
Source Host Before ManipulationstringSOURCE_HOST_BEFORE_MANIPULATION
Destination Host Before ManipulstringDESTINATION_HOST_BEFORE_MANIPUL
Remote SIP User AgentstringREMOTE_SIP_USER_AGENT

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