Panasonic KX-HTS824. SMDR/CDR data format and connection settings

This data is being extracted with help of the "Advanced PBX Data Logger" software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

Panasonic KX-HTS32 and Panasonic KX-HTS824

The PBX records the information of outgoing and incoming call numbers, etc., for all calls to a CSV file.

Configuring call logging

CDR Recording can be set through the Web Maintenance Console screen in the HTS system (default login/password: INSTALLER/1234)

Go to the PBX Configuration → System → CDR

Configure the following options:

[CDR Record Enable/Disable] - Enable.

[CDR Recording Mode] - Web Maintenance Console or External Application (preferable).

Apply & Save the settings.

CDR Recording Mode: For Web Maintenance Console

A CDR data file (Master.csv) can be downloaded from the Web Maintenance Console. A maximum of 5 CDR data files, including the most recent file, can be retained in the PBX.

You should manually download the CSV file, unpack, and place it in a folder on your computer in this mode. The logger will import data from that folder automatically.

Create the "File" data source in the PBX logger and add the folder with the "Master.csv" file.

File data source 1

File data source 2

File data source 3

You do not need to select a data query plugin for this PBX when you use the "For Web Maintenance Console" mode.

CDR Recording Mode: For External Application

The PBX stores only a few last records and clears the Master.csv file after each external application request.

The logger automatically polls the PBX every 30 seconds for new data and processes data in this mode.

Note: Please, change "your_password" in the URL below with your installer's password.

Configuring PBX Data Logger

1. Advanced PBX Data Logger must be configured to the HTTP(S) client mode and specify the target URL address of your PBX (see example below): "". The port number should match the value from the CDR settings above. The URL may also include the port number, login and password.

HTTP Client Mode

2. The corresponding data query and parser plugin must be selected on the "Modules" page.


Panasonic KX-HTS32

Panasonic KX-HTS32

3. Click on the "Setup" button near the data query plugin and configure the polling interval (30 seconds by default).

Poll interval

Data items

DescriptionData typeColumn name
Caller phonestringCALLER_PHONE
Dialed phonestringDIALED_PHONE
Option 1stringFLAG2
Option 2stringFLAG3
Call timedatetimeCALL_TIME
Total duration (sec)integerTOTAL_DURATION_S
Call duration (sec)integerCALL_DURATION_S
Call durationdatetimeCALL_DURATION
Call typestringCALL_TYPE
Call IDstringFLAG5

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