GPS Tracker Data Logger - Ruptela FM, Ruptela ECO3, Ruptela PRO3, Ruptela TCO3 GPS tracker

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 2.11.5 build 1115. November 15, 2023.

Server software for Ruptela FM, Ruptela ECO3, Ruptela PRO3, Ruptela TCO3 GPS Trackers, Vehicle trackers, AVL units

Ruptela FM, Ruptela ECO3, Ruptela PRO3, Ruptela TCO3

Parser item nameData typeDescription
FULL_DATA_PACKETStringOne message from a data packet
DATA_PACKETStringSame as FULL_DATA_PACKET, but without data packet signatures (if exist)
DATE_TIME_STAMPDateTimeDatetime stamp
DATA_SOURCE_IDIntegerData source ID
DATA_SOURCE_NAMEStringData source name
DATA_SOURCE_FULL_NAMEStringData source full name
CLIENTIDIntegerTracker's remote IP address and port
TIMESTAMP_UTCDateTimeTime stamp (UTC)
TIMESTAMPDateTimeTime stamp
DEVICE_IDStringDevice ID
LATITUDEFloatLatitude 1)
LONGITUDEFloatLongitude 1)
LATITUDE_DEGStringLatitude (format: deg/min/sec)
LONGITUDE_DEGStringLongitude (format: deg/min/sec)
EVENTIDIntegerEvent ID
PRIORITYIntegerPriority code
DI1BooleanDigital input 1
DI2BooleanDigital input 2
DI3BooleanDigital input 3
DI4BooleanDigital input 4
MODEM_TEMPIntegerModem temperature
TIME_RECIntegerTime record
CAN_REQ_SUPPIntegerCAN: request supported
CAN_DIAG_SUPPIntegerCAN: diagnostics supported
CAN_FMS_SOFTIntegerCAN: FMS software
CAN_MOTIONIntegerCAN: vehicle motion
CAN_DRIVER_TIME1IntegerCAN: driver 1 time
CAN_DRIVER_CARD1IntegerCAN: driver 1 card
CAN_DRIVER_TIME2IntegerCAN: driver 2 time
CAN_DRIVER_CARD2IntegerCAN: driver 2 card
FUEL1IntegerFuel counter 1
FUEL2IntegerFuel counter 2
FUEL3IntegerFuel counter 3
FUEL4IntegerFuel counter 4
AI1FloatAnalog input 1
AI2FloatAnalog input 2
TACHOIntegerTacho ddd available
GSM_LEVELIntegerGSM level
PROFILEIntegerCurrent profile
VEXTFloatExternal power
VINFloatBattery power
EXT_RFIDIntegerExternal PDFD panel info
T1IntegerPCB Temperature
CAN_CLUTCH_SIntegerCAN: clutch S
CAN_BREAK_SIntegerCAN: break S
CAN_CRUISE_CSIntegerCAN: cruise S
CAN_ENGINEIntegerCAN: engine
CAN_TIRE_LOCIntegerCAN: tire location
CAN_AXLE_LOAD1FloatCAN: axle load 1
CAN_SYS_EVENTIntegerCAN: system event
CAN_HANDLING_INFOIntegerCAN: handling information
CAN_DIRECTIONIntegerCAN: direction indicator
DIN1_HOURSIntegerDin1 hours
DIN2_HOURSIntegerDin2 hours
DIN3_HOURSIntegerDin3 hours
DIN4_HOURSIntegerDin4 hours
ACC_XIntegerAcceleration X
ACC_YIntegerAcceleration Y
ACC_ZIntegerAcceleration Z
CAN_AXLE_LOAD2FloatCAN: axle load 2
CAN_AXLE_LOAD3FloatCAN: axle load 3
CAN_AXLE_LOAD4FloatCAN: axle load 4
CAN_AXLE_LOAD5FloatCAN: axle load 5
ODOMETERFloatVirtual odometer (km)
FUELA1IntegerDigital fuel sensor A1
FUELB1IntegerDigital fuel sensor B1
FUELA2IntegerDigital fuel sensor A2
FUELA3IntegerDigital fuel sensor A3
TEMP_SENSOR_ID0StringTemperature sensor ID 0
TEMP_SENSOR_ID1StringTemperature sensor ID 1
TEMP_SENSOR_ID2StringTemperature sensor ID 2
TEMP_SENSOR_ID3StringTemperature sensor ID 3
T4IntegerTemperature sensor 3
ODOMETER_DELTAIntegerOdometer delta
T2FloatTemperature sensor 1
T3FloatTemperature sensor 2
FUELA4IntegerDigital fuel sensor A4
FUELA5IntegerDigital fuel sensor A5
FUELA6IntegerDigital fuel sensor A6
FUELA7IntegerDigital fuel sensor A7
FUELA8IntegerDigital fuel sensor A8
FUELA9IntegerDigital fuel sensor A9
FUELA10IntegerDigital fuel sensor A10
CAN_AIR_TEMPIntegerCAN: ambient air temperature
CAN_FUEL_ECOIntegerCAN: fuel economy
CAN_DISTANCEIntegerCAN: distance
CAN_COOLANT_TEMPIntegerCAN: coolant temperature
CAN_FUEL_RATEFloatCAN: fuel rate
CAN_VEHICLE_ID1StringCAN: vehicle ID 1
CAN_VEHICLE_ID2StringCAN: vehicle ID 2
CAN_VEHICLE_ID3StringCAN: vehicle ID 3
CAN_FIRST_DRIVER_ID1StringCAN: first driver ID 1
CAN_FIRST_DRIVER_ID2StringCAN: first driver ID 2
CAN_SECOND_DRIVER_ID1StringCAN: second driver ID 1
CAN_SECOND_DRIVER_ID2StringCAN: second driver ID 2
ECO_BRAKINGIntegerECO: braking events
ECO_HARSH_BRAKINGIntegerECO: harsh braking
ECO_HARSH_ACCELERATIONIntegerECO: harsh acceleration
ECO_CORNERINGIntegerECO: cornering counter
OPCODEWordMobile Operator Code
MOVE_SENSORIntegerMovement sensor
SPEED_GPSIntegerSpeed (GPS)
ACCIDENT_OVERSPEEDIntegerAccident: overspeed
ACCIDENT_EXTREME_BRAKINGIntegerAccident: extreme braking
ACCIDENT_HARSH_BRAKINGIntegerAccident: harsh braking
ACCIDENT_HARSH_ACCELERATIONIntegerAccident: harsh acceleration
CAN_ENGINE_HOURSFloatCAN: engine hours
CAN_SERVICE_DISTANCEIntegerCAN: distance to service
CAN_FUEL_PERCIntegerCAN: fuel level (%)
CAN_FUEL_USEDIntegerCAN: fuel used
CAN_FUEL_PERC2IntegerCAN: fuel level 2 (%)
CAN_WB_SPEEDIntegerCAN: WB speed

1) The value is being calculated using the following formula:

d - degree
m - minutes
s - seconds
ms - milliseconds

If a longitude is west or a latitude is south, then the value is being multiplied by –1.

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