Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger

Trust In Confidence!

For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.4.6 build 710. .

DDE server and serial data logger

Latest version: 4.0.48 build 519. .

Data export module "DDE server" for Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger is used for data transmit received by Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger picked out from byte flow by parser to other programs on DDE technology. The data export module works as server; it means that it gives access to reading data on every variable received from parser. Using this data export module, you can use data, received from COM port in office applications or your own programs. The described module has the following peculiarities:

  1. Can be done simultaneous transmit of several variables, fixed on configuration stage. And for every variable can be set personal export parameters;
  2. At date and real numbers transmit, the user can set his own data presentation formats;
  3. During module usage you can watch values of parsers exported variables in module parameters setting window, that can be convenient at Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger;
  4. All connection settings are saved at Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger closing and are restored automatically at the next program run.

Thanks to these possibilities You can:

  • Watch in real time data changes, received over port, as inside Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger, so in other office applications, supporting DDE change, for example, Microsoft Excel;
  • At Microsoft Excel use to get reports ready for printing, export over Internet or sending e-mail;
  • Statistic data receive analysis is made at most quick and effective.

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