COM Port Logger. Do I need the com port logger software? - COM Port Logger. Do I need the com port logger software?

COM Port Logger DiagramCom Port Logger allows tracking of data being transferred using a COM (serial, RS232) port. This ability becomes crucial in many systems that still use serial ports to connect component devices.

A com port data logger hardware is a basic box capable of picking up and storing signals from sensors. They generally have a minimum number of displays, controls, and settings for ease of use, and their portability enables remote data logging.

The com port logger can be in the form of a stand-alone hardware device or a software utility. In most cases, the software com port logger is more useful because it provides many options and features that cannot exist in hardware devices.

For example, our com port logger software can write to a log file or database in real-time. The com port logger can write com port data to a network drive directly to a server. Only the com port logger software utility can create Excel files on the fly.

Of course, the com port logging software implements fully automated logging and monitoring and can be launched automatically at a computer startup.

So if one of the following criteria has been satisfied, you should look at our com port logger software:

  • I want to capture com port data to a log file.
  • I need real-time export to a database.
  • I need real-time export to an Excel file.
  • I want to export my com port data through the OPC server.

Additionally, our com port logger can filter our unnecessary com port data using flexible filter rules, parse out and extract only necessary data from a data flow.


Com Port Logger downloads

You can download the com port logger program and all plugins from our download area. The installation package comes with limited numbers of plugins. All plugins for com port logger you can download separately here.


Com Port Logging Glossary

Serial Port - a serial communication physical interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time (contrast parallel port).

RS232 port, RS-232 port - usually identifies serial port hardware more or less compliant to the RS-232 standard.

COM port - The Microsoft MS-DOS and Windows environments refer to serial ports as COM ports: COM1, COM2.