Advanced Serial Data Logger - RS232 to ODBC with help of our RS232 Data Logger

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For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.4.8 build 519. .


RS232 to ODBC using our data logger software

Complete the following steps in order to configure our software for data logging from RS232 to ODBC:

1. RS-232 Data Logger Software Free Trial downloads

Download and install our software.

Download Advanced Serial Data Logger

Advanced Serial Data Logger and all necessary plugins you can download from our download area. The standard installation package includes all necessary plugins to log data from RS232 to ODBC database.

You will need the following plug-ins:

  • The "ASCII Data Parser" plug-in to extract data from the common data flow.
  • The "ODBC Database" plug-in to export data from RS232 to an ODBC database. You can insert data to any ODBC table and any column. The plug-in allows to bind RS232 data with any ODBC column.

The following diagram illustrates the internal data flow from RS232 to ODBC:


RS232 to ODBC data flow


2. Configure the ASCII data parser

RS232 data parser

Our tutorials section contains several examples for different data formats. Also, our support team will glad to help you with the parser settings.

3. Configure the ODBC data source

ODBC data source

Control Panel - System and Security - Administrative Tools - Data sources (ODBC). Also you can find the detailed description in the following tutorial.

4. Configure a connection in the ODBC database plug-in

ODBC data export

The tutorial above explains necessary steps.

5. Bind your columns from an ODBC table with RS232 data



RS-232 to ODBC Glossary

RS232 Port, RS232, RS-232 - usually identifies serial ports more or less compliant to the RS-232 standard.

ODBC - ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is a standard software interface for accessing database.