RS232 Port Logger - RS232 Port Logger. Our RS232 Port Logging Software vs hardware RS232 Logger?

RS232 port logger hardware. Advantages and disadvantages.

  1. [-+] RS-232 Dataloggers are either fitted with an internal rechargeable battery or use regular alkaline batteries. It is important to note that a low battery charge may cause some dataloggers to behave erratically.
  2. [+] Most rs232 data loggers store data in non-volatile memory, which means the data will not be lost if the power supply fails.
  3. [-] RS232 dataloggers are very simple and can only create one file for all captured data.
  4. [-] RS232 data loggers require additional software to download the captured file to a computer.
  5. [-] In most cases, RS232 dataloggers cannot be accessed remotely.


RS232 port logger software.

The following list mostly characterizes our data logger software.

  1. [+] RS-232 datalogger software can create log files with unlimited size because in HDD are very large now.
  2. [+] For example, our RS232 data logger allows writing real-time data to a file, any database, or an Excel file.
  3. [+] The RS232 data logger offers many data export options that you'll not find in rs232 data logger hardware. Just look at our plugins list - they can satisfy all possible requirements - all plugins are FREE1).
  4. [-] Our RS232 data logger requires any computer with Windows.
  5. [+] You can install the data logger software to an old existing computer and convert it into the perfect data logger. You can install it to a central Windows data server and collect data from multiple sources.
  6. [+] For most users, a simple logger program running under the operating system will prove sufficient for their purposes.


So if one of the following criteria has been satisfied, you should look at our rs232 port logger software:

  • You have a computer or server with Windows.
  • You need to export rs232 data to a database, a file in real-time.
  • You need to capture rs232 data to your existing application.

Additionally, our rs-232 port logger can filter our unnecessary rs232 data using several filter plugins, parse out, and extract only necessary data from a data flow.


RS-232 Port Logger downloads

rs232 port logger download

Acquire the rs232 port logger program and all plugins from our download area. All plugins for rs232 port logger are bundled to several packages and can be downloaded here.


RS-232 Port Logging Glossary

Serial Port - a serial communication physical interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time (contrast parallel port).

RS232, RS-232 - usually identifies serial ports more or less compliant to the RS-232 standard.

COM port - The Microsoft MS-DOS and Windows environments refer to rs-232 ports and other serial ports (such as RS-422, RS-485) as COM ports: COM1, COM2.

1) for Professional or Enterprise customers, except two titles.