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For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.4.17 build 424. .

RS232 monitor. HighlightingWhat is RS232 monitor? It is a program that can send and receive data through the serial port. RS232 monitor allows you to set up the parameters of communication, such as the quantity of bites given, speed and so on.

RS232 monitor also allows you to watch data transmission on the screen. If RS232 monitor allows saving data in a file, it is an additional advantage of the software.

Our program can:

The program is for work with serial port (RS232, COM port, UART) on IBM-compatible computers under Windows support and has the following capabilities:

  • transmit of any data in both directions (from and to computer) in duplex mode (receive and transmit at the same time);
  • work in manual control mode;
  • work in spy mode, when do with other program data exchange;
  • any data source (input string or file);
  • output of received data to file;
  • flexible connection settings (baud rate, data bits, etc.);
  • switch of plug-ins;
  • friendly, completely setup interface.

Our program can easily be turned into a powerful and flexibly set RS232 monitor. All you will have to do is download and install the program. Then start it. Select "COM port" in the list, then click the "Open" button. There! Now you have a multi-benefit tool at your disposal.

Recording into a file can be easily turned on/off by one mouse-click. Having done this you will turn RS232 monitor into RS232 data logger.

RS232 monitor. Switching to spy modeHowever, our RS232 monitor has one unique ability which you will not find among the abilities of other RS232 monitors: our RS232 monitor can work in the "Spy mode. In this mode RS232 monitor can watch the data transfer of another program, thus as if "dropping in" between the serial interface and the investigated program.

All the abilities of RS232 monitor realized in our Advanced Serial Port Monitor!

Download the trial version now. It's quick and it's free!