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For Windows 2000 - Windows 10 (2016) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.4.17 build 424. .

Serial port spy is a program which allows monitoring data transfer unnoticed by both the user and the studied/investigated program. This type of program "drops in" between the serial interface and the studied/investigated program. Serial port spy allows to study the peculiarities of the work of your program or any other Windows program, and to monitor the actions performed via serial interface. If the studied/investigated program has been developed by you, serial port spy turns into RS232 debugger, which can collect data unnoticed for a long time. It will also allow you to trace down the mistakes which appear in the process of data transfer. Switching over to serial port spy in our program is realized by clicking on the "Mode" menu in the main window of the program.

Serial port spy. Switching to spy modeSwitching over to the serial port spy mode must be realized only BEFORE starting the investigated program. Otherwise, serial port spy will not be able to access the communication port and therefore will not be able to perform its functions.

In the serial port spy mode both the outgoing and the incoming traffic is traced down. The data which is being sent can be highlighted on the serial port spy screen. This option can be switched on in the options on the "Other/Data view" tab.

Our serial port spy allows monitoring the data transfer on the screen in a random mode (hexadecimal, decimal, or any other). This allows tracking the repeated sequences of data blocks and finding out the regularity of data transmission.

Serial port spy. HighlightingAnother important property of our serial port spy is the ability to save both sent and received data into a file for future analysis. The mode of file formation of serial port spy is flexibly set, which allows saving time when analyzing a big data volume recorded by serial port spy.

Our program is very easily turned into a powerful flexibly tuned serial port spy. Just download and install the program. Then start it. Choose the "Spy" mode in the main "Mode" menu. Then choose the serial port from the list and click the "Open" button. Don't forget that this should be done before the studied / investigated program is started.

And that's it. Now you have a multi-benefit tool at your disposal. Compared to other serial port spies Advanced Serial Port Monitor has several unique properties:

  1. working in all Windows platforms, from Windows 2000 to Windows 10 x64;
  2. serial port spy allows monitoring data transfer in all communication ports installed in the system. The number of the communication port can vary from 1 to 255;
  3. serial port spy provides monitoring the traffic transferred during the dial-up connection.

All the abilities of serial port spy realized in our Advanced Serial Port Monitor program.

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