UART Monitor, Terminal and Sniffer Software

A UART terminal, also known as a serial terminal or simply a terminal, is a software application or tool that allows users to interact with devices that use UART communication. With a UART terminal, users can send and receive data to and from UART-enabled devices, facilitating debugging, testing, and configuration tasks.

A UART terminal typically provides a user-friendly interface where commands can be entered and responses from the device can be displayed. It allows for real-time monitoring of data being transmitted and received, making it an invaluable tool for troubleshooting and analyzing communication between devices.

It is not a display connected to a UART port :).

UART monitoring and logging

How can I monitor and control my device using UART?

  1. Start Advanced Serial Port Monitor.
  2. Select the necessary mode (look at the "Mode" menu and answers about methods below).
  3. Select the COM port from a drop-down box assigned to your UART.
  4. Start UART monitoring session by clicking the "Open" button in the main window. If you use the "Sniffer" mode, you should open the port before starting another application.
  5. Select an ASCII and HEX data view mode.
  6. Monitor UART communication in real-time, or enable writing to a file using the "Write to file" button on the bottom toolbar.
  7. Click the "Close" button when you would like to pause logging or simply close the program.
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FAQ about USB monitoring using Serial Port Monitor by AGG Software

What is the difference between UART and serial port?

UART and serial port are closely related concepts, but they are not exactly the same thing. The UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter) is a hardware component that allows for asynchronous communication between devices. On the other hand, a serial port is a physical interface that uses UART to transmit and receive data.

Can I configure UART communication parameters for my hardware?

Users can specify the baud rate (user-defined too), data bits, stop bits, parity, and other parameters necessary for proper communication with the device. The program stores these settings between sessions.

Can the program work in the terminal mode?

Command entry: Users can send commands to the UART-enabled device by simply typing them into an edit box (as ASCII or HEX). This is especially useful for configuration and control purposes. The terminal mode is named "Manual" in Port Monitor. Also, you can easily switch between modes (sniffer, terminal, dual ports) at any time.

Can I implement UART data monitoring and logging?

The terminal displays the data received from the device in real-time, allowing users to monitor the communication and verify that the data is being transmitted correctly. At the same time, the program can output this data to a log file.

UART Monitoring Mode Selection

Can this UART terminal software work in virtual environments?

Absolutely! Our program and its drivers are fully compatible with popular virtual machine platforms such as VMWare, VirtualBox, and Parallels. This means you can seamlessly use our software on any host operating system, even when running a Windows guest. Additionally, for added convenience, our software can be accessed through Remote Desktop. However, please note that our program is incompatible with compatibility layers like Wine or CrossOver on MacOS.

Does it work with USB UART dongles?

Yes, the program can detect COM ports of all moderns UART dongles, also known as UART adapters or converters. Of course, you may need to install a driver for your dongle provided by a manufacturer.

Advanced Features

Supported UART COM types USB-UART converters, USB-UART dongles (FTDI, Prolific, SiliconLabs, etc.), PCI-E board.
Supported equipment Various independent (lab equipment, industrial equipment, DIY)
Windows 10 or Windows 11 (64-bit) compatible device driver Yes
Manually send requests with HEX or ASCII data Yes
UART sniffer mode Yes
Logging to a file Yes (Binary or Text)
Advanced Serial Protocol Analyzer It has plugins for MODBUS RTU/ASCII, binary or ASCII protocol emulations.
Advanced Features (dual ports mode, plugins, ports autodetection) Yes
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Target Groups

Our UART software solution is handy for the following target groups:

  • Serial port software application developers.
  • Firmware developers for devices with UART interface.
  • System integrators and consultants.
  • DIY hobbyist (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other SMB computers).
  • Programmers, testers, and other IT specialists.
  • Industrial control equipment support specialists.

UART monitor usage scenarios

You can use this product to analyze serial protocols. Serial Port Monitor will be helpful for:

  • When working with microcontrollers and other UART-enabled devices, developers often rely on UART terminals to test and verify their code. By connecting the microcontroller to a UART terminal, developers can send commands and receive responses, allowing them to ensure that their code is functioning correctly.
  • Another common usage scenario for UART terminals is in the field of industrial automation. In industries such as manufacturing and robotics, UART communication is frequently used for controlling and monitoring devices. In our software, you can define shortcuts and frequent commands.
  • Debugging any serial port software or UART hardware, sniffing serial data and control requests.
  • Researching functionality of any third-party hardware devices and software applications.
  • Reverse engineering of communication protocols.
  • Simple UART device simulation with ASCII or binary data packets

    UART device with the ASCII protocol

  • n universities and technical institutes, students often learn about serial communication and embedded systems. UART terminals provide a practical way for students to experiment and gain hands-on experience with UART-enabled devices.

How can RS232 Monitoring Tool help you to improve your work?

From debugging and monitoring devices to troubleshooting and analyzing serial communication, these dongles have become an essential tool for developers, engineers, and hobbyists alike.

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