Advanced OPC Data Logger

Add timestamp in CSV file or Binary log file

Problem scenario:

I would like to create CSV files or binary log files with OPC Data Logger. I have made files that contain the data I would like, at an acceptable sample rate, but I can not make a timestamp appear in the CSV file.


Advanced OPC Data Logger Professional, Enterprise, or a trial version.

It is assumed that:

You've created a configuration (using the "Green Plus" button in the main window and added an OPC group in the OPC logger and can receive any data from the selected OPC server.


CSV files

You need to change the OPC group settings to export a timestamp (fig. 1). In this case, you'll get a timestamp in the first column of a CSV file.

CSV file. OPC group settings. Timestamp.
Fig.1. OPC group settings

Binary log files

You need to activate the "Write date/time stamp" option in the log file settings (fig. 2). The format of the timestamp can be adjusted in the program settings. The timestamp will appear above a row with OPC data.

Binary log file settings
Fig.2. The log file settings

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