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MODBUS to MySQL: Writing MODBUS values to MySQL database

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Configuring how to write MODBUS data to a MySQL database is very much similar to configuring how to write data to MSSQL. Only main differences are described in this manual.

1. Download and install the 32-bit version of MySQL ODBC Connector (the ODBC driver) for MySQL from

Driver section
Fig. 1 Driver section

2. The structure of a table in the database will look like this:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[modbus_data_2](
   [REC_ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
   [TIMESTAMP] [datetime] NULL,
   [ITEM1] [nchar](30) NULL,
   [ITEM2] [nchar](30) NULL

If you specify any other data type than String for ITEM1 or ITEM2 in the MODBUS settings, you should create the columns of the corresponding types while creating a table.

3. Create an ODBC data source for your MySQL database.

4 Follow steps #1-9 from the previos tutorial for MS SQL: "Writing MODBUS values to MS SQL".

5. During "Binding", you should take into account that the names of the table and its columns are case-sensitive in MySQL.

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IEC 62056-21