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For Windows 2000 - Windows 11 (2019) (incl. Server, x86 and x64). Latest version: 4.6.2 build 1206. .

MODBUS to a database: Write data to two different databases making a complete copy

Download a Free Trial Version. It allows you to try all features! Plugins can be downloaded separately here

Problem scenario:

I need to send data to two databases on different servers.

Note: you may send different data sets to each database.


  • Advanced Serial Data Logger Professional, Enterprise, or a trial version for MODBUS RTU.
  • Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger Professional, Enterprise, or a trial version for MODBUS/TCP.
  • SQL Database Pro or ODBC Database data export plugin (the full or trial version). It is bundled with the installation package.


1. Each plugin instance allows you to define connection settings with one database. First of all, you should create a new instance of the database plugin. Go to "program folder → plugins → sqldbpro" or "program folder → plugins → odbcexport" for the corresponding plugin. Please, note, the default program folder is:

32 bit OS: c:\Program Files\[Program Name]
64 bit OS: c:\Program Files (x86)\[Program Name]

2. Make a copy of the DLL file in the same folder. For example, copy "sqldb_pro.dll" to "sqldb_pro2.dll", or "odbcexport.dll" to "odbcexport2.dll". Repeat this action if you need several instances of the plugin.

3. Restart the logger.

4. The new plugin instance should appear in the list of data export plugin (fig. 1). Please, pay attention to the file name trailing the module name.

MODBUS request #2
Fig. 1 Plugin instances

5. Now, you can configure each plugin instance separately, including the connection settings with a database. All instances will work simultaneously and process data in parallel.

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IEC 62056-21