Jiangsu Sfere Electric (D1900, 3 phases) data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
290Active energy of this month [total/tip/peak/level/valleyWhinteger
300Active energy of last month [total/tip/peak/level/valleyWhinteger
310Active energy of the month before last [total/tip/peak/level/valleyWhinteger
512Phase A voltageVinteger
513Phase B voltageVinteger
514Phase C voltageVinteger
515Ab line voltageVinteger
516Bc line voltageVinteger
517Ca line voltageVinteger
518Phase A currentAinteger
519Phase B currentAinteger
520Phase C currentAinteger
521Phase A active powerWinteger
522Phase B active powerWinteger
523Phase C active powerWinteger
524Total active powerWinteger
525Phase A reactive powervarinteger
526Phase B reactive powervarinteger
527Phase C reactive powervarinteger
528Total reactive powervarinteger
529Phase A apparent powerVinteger
530Phase B apparent powerVinteger
531Phase C apparent powerVinteger
532Total apparent powerVinteger
533Phase A power factor integer
534Phase B power factor integer
535Phase C power factor integer
536Total power factor integer
538Phase A (ab line) voltage thd integer
539Phase B voltage thd integer
540Phase C (cb line) voltage thd integer
541Phase A current thd integer
542Phase B current thd integer
543Phase C current thd integer
544Phase A (ab line) voltage harmonic contentVinteger
545Phase B voltage harmonic contentVinteger
546Phase C (cb line) voltage harmonic contentVinteger
547Phase A current harmonic contentAinteger
548Phase B current harmonic contentAinteger
549Phase C current harmonic contentAinteger
1536Max. phase voltage valueVinteger
1537Max. line voltage valueVinteger
1538Max. current valueAinteger
1539Max. active power valueWinteger
1540Max. reactive power valuevarinteger
1541Max. apparent power valueVinteger
1542Max. active power demand valueWinteger
1543Max. reactive power demand valuevarinteger
1544Max. apparent power demand valueVinteger
1545Max. phase voltage value of thisVinteger
1565Power on record month and day string
1566Power on record hour and minute string
1567Programming record times and year string
1568Programming record month and day string
1569Programming record hour and minute string
1570Energy clearing times and year string
1571Energy clearing month and day string
1572Energy clearing hour and minute string
1546Max. line voltage value of this monthVinteger
1547Max. current value of this monthAinteger
1548Max. active power value of this monthWinteger
1549Max. reactive power value of this monthvarinteger
1550Max. apparent power value of this monthVinteger
1551Max. active power demand value of this monthWinteger
1552Max. reactive power demand value of this monthvarinteger
1553Max. apparent power demand value of this monthVinteger
1554Active power demand value at presentWinteger
1555Reactive power demand value at presentvarinteger
1556Apparent power demand value at presentVinteger
1557Phase voltage average valueVinteger
1558Line voltage average valueVinteger
1559Current average valueAinteger
1560Active power average valueWinteger
1561Reactive power average valuevarinteger
1562Apparent power average valueVinteger
1564Power on record times and year string
2049High byte: energy pulse constantkWinteger
2050High byte: cyclic displayainteger
2052High byte #1 communication meter integer
2053High byte:#1 communication check mode integer
2066#1 time zone starting timewinteger
2067#2 time zone starting timeainteger
2068#3 time zone starting timeainteger
2069#4 time zone starting timeainteger
2070#5 time zone starting timeainteger
2071#6 time zone starting timeainteger
2072#7 time zone starting timeainteger
2073#8 time zone starting timeainteger
2074#9 time zone starting timeainteger
2075#10 time zone starting timeainteger
2076#11 time zone starting timeainteger
2077#12 time zone starting timeainteger
2078Rates of time zone 1 and time zone 2winteger
2079Rates of time zone 3 and time zone 4ainteger
2080Rates of time zone 5 and time zone 6ainteger
2081Rates of time zone 7 and time zone 8ainteger
2082Rates of time zone 9 and time zone 10ainteger
2083Rates of time zone 11 and time zone 12ainteger
2084Meter reading timeainteger
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

Jiangsu Sfere Electric (D1900) data logging
Jiangsu Sfere Electric (D1900, 3 phases) data logging
Jiangsu Sfere Electric (Sfere 720) data logging

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