Schneider Electric PowerLogic EM4800 logger. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
2Meter 2 WH delivered integer
4Meter 3 WH delivered integer
6Meter 4 WH delivered integer
8Meter 5 WH delivered integer
10Meter 6 WH delivered integer
12Meter 7 WH delivered integer
14Meter 8 WH delivered integer
100Meter 1 wh received integer
102Meter 2 wh received integer
104Meter 3 wh received integer
106Meter 4 wh received integer
108Meter 5 wh received integer
110Meter 6 wh received integer
112Meter 7 wh received integer
114Meter 8 wh received integer
200Meter 1 VARh delivered integer
202Meter 2 VARh delivered integer
204Meter 3 VARh delivered integer
206Meter 4 VARh delivered integer
208Meter 5 VARh delivered integer
210Meter 6 VARh delivered integer
212Meter 7 VARh delivered integer
214Meter 8 VARh delivered integer
300Meter 1 VARh received integer
302Meter 2 VARh received integer
304Meter 3 VARh received integer
306Meter 4 VARh received integer
308Meter 5 VARh received integer
310Meter 6 VARh received integer
312Meter 7 VARh received integer
314Meter 8 VARh received integer
400Meter 1 VAh integer
402Meter 2 VAh integer
404Meter 3 VAh integer
406Meter 4 VAh integer
408Meter 5 VAh integer
410Meter 6 VAh integer
412Meter 7 VAh integer
414Meter 8 VAh integer
600Meter 1 watts integer
602Meter 2 watts integer
604Meter 3 watts integer
606Meter 4 watts integer
608Meter 5 watts integer
610Meter 6 watts integer
612Meter 7 watts integer
614Meter 8 watts integer
700Meter 1 VAR integer
702Meter 2 VAR integer
704Meter 3 VAR integer
706Meter 4 VAR integer
708Meter 5 VAR integer
710Meter 6 VAR integer
712Meter 7 VAR integer
714Meter 8 VAR integer
800Meter 1 VA integer
802Meter 2 VA integer
804Meter 3 VA integer
806Meter 4 VA integer
808Meter 5 VA integer
810Meter 6 VA integer
812Meter 7 VA integer
814Meter 8 VA integer
900Meter 1 pf single
902Meter 2 pf single
904Meter 3 pf single
906Meter 4 pf single
908Meter 5 pf single
910Meter 6 pf single
912Meter 7 pf single
914Meter 8 pf single
1000Meter 1-1 current single
1002Meter 2-1 current single
1004Meter 3-1 current single
1006Meter 4-1 current single
1008Meter 5-1 current single
1010Meter 6-1 current single
1012Meter 7-1 current single
1014Meter 8-1 current single
1100Meter 1-2 current single
1102Meter 2-2 current single
1104Meter 3-2 current single
1106Meter 4-2 current single
1108Meter 5-2 current single
1110Meter 6-2 current single
1112Meter 7-2 current single
1114Meter 8-2 current single
1200Meter 1-3 current single
1202Meter 2-3 current single
1204Meter 3-3 current single
1206Meter 4-3 current single
1208Meter 5-3 current single
1210Meter 6-3 current single
1212Meter 7-3 current single
1214Meter 8-3 current single
1300Meter 1-1 voltage single
1302Meter 2-1 voltage single
1304Meter 3-1 voltage single
1306Meter 4-1 voltage single
1308Meter 5-1 voltage single
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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