Schneider Electric PowerLogic ION7550-ION7650 data logging. MODBUS registers map.

This data is being extracted with the help of the Advanced Serial Data Logger (MODBUS RTU,ASCII) or Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger (MODBUS TCP) software only. It may not applicable for other software titles.

MODBUS offsetDescriptionUnitsData type
149I a, Amp/freq/unbal word
150I b, Amp/freq/unbal word
151I c, Amp/freq/unbal word
152I 4, Amp/freq/unbal word
153I 5, Amp/freq/unbal word
154I avg, Amp/freq/unbal word
155I avg mn, Amp/freq/unbal word
156I avg mx, Amp/freq/unbal word
157I avg mean, Amp/freq/unbal word
158Freq, Amp/freq/unbal word
159Freq mn, Amp/freq/unbal word
160Freq mx, Amp/freq/unbal word
161Freq mean, Amp/freq/unbal word
162V unbal, Amp/freq/unbalVword
163I unbal, Amp/freq/unbal word
164Phase Rev, Amp/freq/unbal word
165Vln a, Volts dword
167Vln b, Volts dword
169Vln c, Volts dword
171Vln avg, Volts dword
173Vln avg mx, Volts dword
177Vll ab, Volts dword
179Vll bc, Volts dword
181Vll ca, Volts dword
183Vll avg, Volts dword
185Vll avg mx, Volts dword
187Vll avg mean, Volts dword
197kW a, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
199kW b, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
201kW c, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
203kW tot, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
205kW tot mx, kW/kVAr/kVAkWinteger
207kVAR a, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
209kVAR b, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
211kVAR c, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
213kVAR tot, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
215kVAR tot mx, kW/kVAr/kVAkVARinteger
217kVA a, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
219kVA b, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
221kVA c, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
223kVA tot, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
225kVA tot mx, kW/kVAr/kVAkVAinteger
229kWh del, kWh/kVArhkWhinteger
231kWh rec, kWh/kVArhkWhinteger
233kVARh del, kWh/kVArhkVARhinteger
235kVARh rec, kWh/kVArhkVARhinteger
237kVAh del+rec, kWh/kVArhkVArhinteger
261PF sign a, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
262PF sign b, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
263PF sign c, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
264PF sign tot, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
265V1 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
266V2 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
267V3 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
268I1 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
269I2 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
270I3 THD mx, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
271I1 K Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
272I2 K Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
273I3 K Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
274I1 Crest Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
275I2 Crest Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
276I3 Crest Factor, PF/THD/Kfactor smallint
999PO V1-Flck N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1000PO V1-Flck N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1001PO V2-Flck N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1002PO V2-Flck N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1003PO V3-Flck N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1004PO V3-Flck N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1005PO Freq N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1006PO Freq N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1007PO Freq N2, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1008PO V1-MAG N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1009PO V1-MAG N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1010PO V2-MAG N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1011PO V2-MAG N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1012PO V3-MAG N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1013PO V3-MAG N1, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1014PO Vunbal N, EN50160 Modbus1 word
1015PO Vunbal N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1016PO V1-MSignal N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1017PO V1-MSignal N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1018PO V2-MSignal N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1019PO V2-MSignal N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1020PO V3-MSignal N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1021PO V3-MSignal N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1022PO V1-Hrm N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1023PO V1-Hrm N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1024PO V1-Hrm N2, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1025PO V2-Hrm N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1026PO V2-Hrm N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1027PO V2-Hrm N2, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1028PO V3-Hrm N, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1029PO V3-Hrm N1, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1030PO V3-Hrm N2, EN50160 Modbus2 word
1031PO V1-Inthrm N, EN50160 Modbus3 word
1032PO V1-Inthrm N1, EN50160 Modbus3 word
1033PO V2-Inthrm N, EN50160 Modbus3 word
1034PO V2-Inthrm N1, EN50160 Modbus3 word
1035PO V3-Inthrm N, EN50160 Modbus3 word
There are more MODBUS items for this device. Please, download the program.

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